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Comparison of Motorcycle Insurance Rates Across Different States in 2023

After 30 years of riding motorcycles, you get to a point where it feels like you’ve seen and done everything. I know that isn’t true, but there isn’t the same wanderlust that comes when you’re young and hopping onto your first bike.

I think back now, abandoning everything to see a town where I’d never been or a quiet place in a beautiful area, and wonder what happened. Sure, I got older – but what else happened?

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As I think about that transition, I’ve realized that wisdom has come with age. I’m not trying to max out the throttle like before, whip around curves, or push an adrenaline rush. I am thinking about the peaceful world as the miles pass, listening to my favorite songs while enjoying the landscapes around me.

That transition reflects how the average motorcycle insurance costs work in the United States. You can expect a lower rate as you gain experience or actively reduce risks to your equipment or health.

How the Average Motorcycle Insurance Costs Are Calculated

Motorcycle insurance is highly individualized. Not only are the quotes I often receive different from each company, but what you’d get as a premium estimate is likely unique compared to me.

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I recommend requesting at least three competitive motorcycle insurance rates by state from today’s top providers to ensure you get the best rate possible.


I’ve compiled the rates from today’s national and regional motorcycle insurance providers to help you see where some savings opportunities are available. I’ve looked at five different age groups for this piece while using a similar profile.

The ages are 17, 23, 35, 45, and 60. Here is the rest of the motorcyclist profile for your consideration.

  • The individual has a clean driving record.
  • Except for the age 17 profile, everyone has five years of riding experience.
  • Requested the minimum insurance amount required by law.
  • Each rider is insuring a 2022 Haa-Davidson Iron 883.
  • No citations, speeding tickets, or claims have appeared in the past five years.

I’ve requested a full coverage (with comprehensive and collision) quote to ensure complete accuracy when determining each state’s average motorcycle insurance cost.

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If you want low-cost motorcycle insurance, consider requesting a liability-only quote.

How Much is Average Motorcycle Insurance in the United States?

According to our research, the average monthly motorcycle insurance cost in the United States is $60, which amounts to $750 annually, with administrative fees included. Factors such as the rider’s location, driving history, and the make and model of their bike are taken into account when calculating insurance premiums.

The following chart provides an overview of the average rates I found in each state for each age demographic. I’ve also included the top two cheapest quote providers for reference, although your unique circumstances might offer different results.

StateAge 17Age 23Age 35Age 45Age 60Top ProvidersState Average
Alabama$1,553$1,243$497$520$645Progressive, GEICO$1,243
Alaska$790$588$467$475$590Progressive, GEICO$479
Arizona$1,221$931$439$665$761Dairyland, Harley-Davidson$689
Arkansas$1,077$780$678$744$796GEICO, Progressive$777
California$2,774$2,311$1,416$1,816$1,982GEICO, Allstate$1,819
Colorado$1,284$968$695$895$942Nationwide, Progressive$629
Connecticut$1,184$1,042$622$585$721Nationwide, Progressive$679
Delaware$1,0661,013$588$691$782GEICO, Nationwide$797
Florida$1,004$941$694$862$891Progressive, Allstate$941
Georgia$1,104$976$682$830$901Progressive, GEICO$778
Hawaii$2,145$1,442$579$732$799GEICO, Progressive$550
Idaho$831$827$614$689$744GEICO, Allstate$645
Illinois$1,158$819$709$801$861Nationwide, GEICO$739
Indiana$843$584$481$504$584Nationwide, GEICO$577
Iowa$699$511$368$377$455Progressive, Nationwide$410
Kansas$709$633$399$525$553Nationwide, GEICO$375
Kentucky$1,694$948$792$822$904Progressive, GEICO$908
Louisiana$1,923$1,593$992$1,042$1,290GEICO, Progressive$1,136
Maine$1,074$902$367$482$523Nationwide, Progressive$486
Maryland$910$852$658$752$792GEICO, Progressive$711
Massachusetts$891$842$395$425$518Farm Bureau, Harley-Davidson$335
Michigan$1,129$1,018$862$988$1,005Progressive, Dairyland$955
Minnesota$819$530$439$518$530GEICO, Progressive$530
Mississippi$1,129$893$792$815$865Progressive, Allstate$813
Missouri$1,811$1,349$772$944$1,272Nationwide, Progressive$1,015
Montana$791$623$398$455$583Progressive, Nationwide$501
Nebraska$803$634$399$507$587Nationwide, GEICO$458
Nevada$1,087$815$649$723$813Progressive, Dairyland$725
New Hampshire$884$799$289$297$405GEICO, Progressive$368
New Jersey$1,327$1,182$532$704$886GEICO, Allstate$653
New Mexico$803$684$575$655$687Progressive, Allstate$650
New York$1,703$1,224$705$822$1,014GEICO, Nationwide$705
North Carolina$1,498$1,136$892$944$998Progressive, GEICO$937
North Dakota$583$541$287$391$401GEICO, Nationwide$329
Ohio$877$776$576$688$751GEICO, Progressive$612
Oklahoma$1,078$867$629$689$704Progressive, Allstate$766
Oregon$1,136$1,088$712$855$901Nationwide, Farm Bureau$809
Pennsylvania$962$951$642$672$734Progressive, Nationwide$672
Rhode Island$1,426$1,166$823$943$1,025Progressive, Dairyland$915
South Carolina$957$869$682$729$781Progressive, Allstate$779
South Dakota$654$456$342$471$533Dairyland, Harley-Davidson$455
Tennessee$1,298$993$692$822$904Nationwide, GEICO$889
Texas$1,094$928$679$755$882Progressive, Dairyland$821
Utah$1,087$951$640$800$923Dairyland, Harley-Davidson$744
Vermont$913$793$392$422$701GEICO, Dairyland$483
Virginia$938$806$492$633$705Progressive, Nationwide$685
Washington$814$804$644$722$801Dairyland, Allstate$730
Washington DC$2,104$1,795$1,092$1,422$1,704USAA, State Farm$1,404
West Virginia$783$663$499$504$701Allstate, GEICO$593
Wisconsin$793$636$379$465$601USAA, GEICO$480
Wyoming$628$574$384$457$471GEICO, Progressive$450

Motorcycle Insurance Rates in the Northeast

Motorcycle Insurance Rates in Connecticut

Connecticut is known for beautiful fall motorcycle rides when the trees change colors. You’ll also find interesting cultural sites, like the Mark Twain House and Museum and the USS Nautilus.

The average motorcycle insurance rate in the state is $679.83 across all insurers. Nationwide had the best overall quote at $489, with Progressive offering $620.

To learn about getting the cheapest coverage in CT, click here.

Motorcycle Insurance Rates in Maine

This beautiful northeastern state features a stunning rocky coastline, quiet forests to explore, and plenty of outdoor activities. It’s the perfect place to cruise during the summer, especially if you love lighthouses and lobster. To learn about Maine’s insurance requirements and costs, click here.

The average motorcycle insurance rate is $486.39 for all riders. Nationwide had the cheapest quote at $337.69. Progressive was close behind with $357.80.

Motorcycle Insurance Rates in Massachusetts

As one of the original 13 colonies, this commonwealth is known as the landing place of the Mayflower. A visit to Fenway Park, Quincy Market, and the Freedom Trail are always worth the time and investment.

How much is motorcycle insurance in Massachusetts? The average rate is $335.40, with Farm Bureau ($273) and Harley-Davidson Insurance ($294) offering the best rates.

Motorcycle Insurance Rates in New Hampshire

This state is home to many US firsts, including being the first state to declare independence from England in 1775. Peterborough became the home to the country’s first free, taxpayer-supported library in 1833.

The average rate for motorcycle insurance in the state is $368.17. GEICO provided the most affordable quote ($176), while Progressive offered a policy at $275.

Here is more about insurance requirements in NH.

Motorcycle Insurance Rates in New Jersey

The world’s first boardwalk in this state was built in Atlantic City in 1870. You’ll find plenty of beaches, natural areas to explore, and a few casinos for entertainment here.

The average motorcycle insurance cost in NJ is $653.09. GEICO offered the best overall rate ($411), while Allstate ($650) provided a quote that was a few dollars cheaper than Progressive.

In each age group, there are some significant pricing differences.

Motorcycle Insurance Rates in New York

This state is known for having towering skyscrapers, incredible pizza, and endless energy. From the Big Apple to the quiet villages along the Canadian border, you’ll find a place that feels like home when riding your motorcycle.

Rate differences apply based on your ZIP code (especially in the city), so the rate information we found could be significantly different because of where you live. These are averages only.

New Yorkers pay $705.09 per year for a policy, with GEICO ($488) and Nationwide ($530) providing the best overall quotes. Young riders could pay significantly more.

Motorcycle Insurance Rates in Pennsylvania

Several industries built their foundations in this state, including coal and steel. Before WWII, the railroads were an economic driver. Today, you’ll find one of the largest mushroom producers with beautiful mountains and long, straight roads to enjoy.

Although the average cost of motorcycle insurance in the state is $672.85, Progressive ($434) delivered an incredibly affordable quote. The next best option was Nationwide ($604).

It is consistent across all age groups when seeking a motorcycle insurance policy.

Motorcycle Insurance Rates in Rhode Island

It might be the smallest state in the country, but there are still ample opportunities to enjoy as a motorcyclist. Fort Adams, the Beavertail Lighthouse, and Narragansett Bay offer exploration with abundance.

Since Rhode Island is primarily an urban environment, it has one of the region’s highest average motorcycle insurance costs at $915.04. Progressive ($725) and Dairyland ($743) provided the most affordable quotes.

Motorcycle Insurance Rates in Vermont

With beautiful forests, stunning lakes, and picturesque wooden covered bridges, there might not be a better place to visit on a motorcycle than here.

When reviewing motorcycle insurance discounts and other opportunities in this state, the average policy is $483.94. GEICO offered the best quote ($307), while Dairyland delivered just under the median ($460). To get more information, click here.

most affordable motorcycle insurance rate

Motorcycle Insurance Rates in the Southeast

Motorcycle Insurance Rates in Alabama

Montgomery, the capital of Alabama, was the birthplace of the Civil Rights Movement in the 1950s and 1960s. It is home to several music genres, including blues, country, and jazz. Famous musicians from Alabama include Nat King Cole, Hank Williams, and Lionel Richie.

The average annual motorcycle insurance cost in the state is $699.12. Progressive ($397) and GEICO ($522) offered the best quotes.

Across the different age groups, it is significantly more expensive for younger riders.

Here’s the list of recommended insurance providers in AL for you.

Motorcycle Insurance Rates in Arkansas

Arkansas has many beautiful natural attractions like Hot Springs National Park, the Ozark Mountains, and the Buffalo National River. Take your motorcycle out for a spin to grab some barbecue, sweet potato pie, and fried catfish. But remember to obtain adequate insurance coverage first.

The average yearly cost in the state for motorcycle insurance is $777.79. GEICO ($626) and Progressive ($649) had the best rates.

Motorcycle Insurance Rates in Delaware

Some of my favorite beaches in the United States are in Delaware, including Dewey, Bethany, and Rehoboth. There is a rich history to explore and plenty of historical sites for those who love a little Americana.

The average annual rate for motorcycle insurance is $797.22. GEICO ($541) and Nationwide ($682) offered the most competitive quotes.

Young riders can expect to pay a bit more. Get more information about the quotes here.

Motorcycle Insurance Rates in Florida

Theme parks are what attract people to visit this state. Some of Florida’s most famous destinations are Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Orlando Resort, and SeaWorld Orlando.

Progressive ($624) and Allstate ($768) offer the best rates, while the average cost is $941.47.

Across the different age groups, the rates are relatively similar.

Motorcycle Insurance Rates in Georgia

Georgia is known as the “Peach State” and is one of the top producers of this fruit in the United States. From the urban adventures in Atlanta to the quiet mountains near Ellijay, you’ll find lots to love on your bike.

Progressive ($594) and GEICO ($699) offered the best quotes in the state, while the average was $778.95.

Here’s more about Georgia’s insurance requirements.

Motorcycle Insurance Rates in Kentucky

When touring this state on your motorcycle, you can find everything from horse racing to coal to auto manufacturing.

Although the state average is $908.02 annually, Progressive ($551) and GEICO ($656) offered highly competitive quotes.

Young riders will often pay significantly more for motorcycle insurance in the state.

Motorcycle Insurance Rates in Louisiana

Louisiana has a rich and diverse history, with influences from French, Spanish, and African cultures. Historic sites like the French Quarter and Oak Alley Plantation offer a glimpse into the state’s fascinating past.

The average motorcycle insurance cost for riders is $1,135.98. GEICO ($721) was significantly lower, while Progressive ($973) provided a quote below the median.

Some age groups pay significantly more for motorcycle insurance. Here are some essential tips to save on insurance in Louisiana.

Motorcycle Insurance Rates in Maryland

The US Naval Academy was founded in 1845 in Annapolis. It’s where the national anthem was written, baseball is loved, and blue crabs are always on the menu.

GEICO ($500) and Progressive ($630) offered the most competitive quotes against a state average of $711.50.

To learn about the cities where the rate is more affordable in MD, click here.

Motorcycle Insurance Rates in Mississippi

This state is an agricultural powerhouse in the region. It also has an extensive catfish farming industry, although its magnolias and southern charm often draw motorcyclists to the area each season.

Progressive ($645) and Allstate ($762) offered the best quotes, while the state average was $813.95.

Young riders pay a bit less here compared to other states in the region.

Motorcycle Insurance Rates in North Carolina

The western part of North Carolina is home to the Appalachian Mountains, with popular attractions like the Blue Ridge Parkway, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and Mount Mitchell.

At an average rate of $937.13, motorcyclists here pay about the average for the region. The cheapest quote came from Progressive ($659), while GEICO ($744) was the next best.

If you’re looking for information on how to save on insurance while living in this state, here’s the guide.

Motorcycle Insurance Rates in South Carolina

With beautiful national parks and long, sandy beaches that invite a stroll, you’ll find an adventurous wonderland awaiting you here.

The state’s average cost is $779.10. Progressive ($515) and Allstate ($767) offered the most competitive quotes.

Each age group is fairly close in pricing. More information about the quotes is here.

Motorcycle Insurance Rates in Tennessee

This state is known for its music, whiskey, and the Great Smoky Mountains. You won’t find prettier roads anywhere in the United States, especially when riding in September and October.

Nationwide ($655) and GEICO ($737) offered the best rate quotes against a state average of $889.42.

Learn here more about the cities of Tennessee that offer the cheapest rate for you.

Motorcycle Insurance Rates in Virginia

Virginia is known for its well-preserved colonial architecture, such as the Governor’s Palace in Williamsburg and the Capitol Building in Richmond.

Although the state’s median for motorcycle insurance is $685.07, Progressive ($520) and Nationwide ($530) had competitive quotes.

Young riders can also find some great deals here.

Motorcycle Insurance Rates in Washington, DC

With numerous landmarks, pollical buildings, and Smithsonian institutions to visit, you can spend years doing something different each day and never run out of things to do in the nation’s capital.

The average motorcycle insurance cost in DC is also one of the most expensive in the country at $1,404.55. Some riders can see quotes above $4,000. USAA ($693) and State Farm ($828) offered the best rates.

Motorcycle Insurance Rates in West Virginia

You’ll find some of the most rugged land in the United States in this state, with the rolling valleys, hills, and mountains a paradise for virtually any motorcyclist.

Allstate ($398) and GEICO ($490) provided the best quotes, while the state average is still affordable at $593.48.

It is also affordable for young riders compared to other states in the region. Here are some discount options for you in WV.

states with highest motorcycle insurance rate

Motorcycle Insurance Rates in the Midwest

Motorcycle Insurance Rates in Illinois

Illinois is known as the “Land of Lincoln” because it is where Abraham Lincoln lived and worked for most of his adult life. Visitors can see his home, law office, and the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield.

The median annual insurance cost in the state is $739.50. Nationwide ($457) and GEICO ($627) offered the best quotes.

Young riders may see significantly higher rates.

Motorcycle Insurance Rates in Indiana

Indiana has the largest number of covered bridges of any state east of the Mississippi River. Parke County, Indiana, is known as the “Covered Bridge Capital of the World.”

Nationwide ($442) and GEICO ($480) offered the best rates, while the state average was $577.00.

By age, costs are somewhat consistent.

Motorcycle Insurance Rates in Iowa

With numerous farming communities and open stretches of land, you’ll find a riding paradise waiting for you in this state. Each small town has something unique to offer, plus Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, and Des Moines provide an urban touch.

The average motorcycle insurance cost here is $410.72, with Progressive ($311) and Nationwide ($322) leading the way.

Here are some excellent ways to save on motorcycle insurance in IA.

Motorcycle Insurance Rates in Kansas

This state has more miles of river than any other in the region, and it is also home to the world’s largest tallgrass prairie. Those are some great places to visit as you enjoy some barbecue.

In Kansas, the average motorcycle insurance cost is $375.45 per year. Nationwide ($377) and GEICO ($400) provided the cheapest quotes.

Young riders can expect to pay a bit more. You can read more about the cities with the lowest rates here.

Motorcycle Insurance Rates in Michigan

Mackinac Island is a popular tourist destination in Michigan, famous for its Victorian architecture, fudge shops, and the popular Grand Hotel. Iconic cities like Detroit and Grand Rapids provide unique ways to get outside and have fun.

The average cost of motorcycle insurance in the state is $955.33 annually. Progressive ($702) and Dairyland ($962) provided the best quotes.

Motorcycle Insurance Rates in Minnesota

The “Land of 10,000 Lakes” offers numerous outdoor adventures, including ice climbing and snowshoeing in the winter. Take your motorcycle out for camping, fishing, and general exploring.

Minnesotans pay an average of $530.21 per year for motorcycle insurance. GEICO ($388) and Progressive ($420) delivered the best rates.

It’s relatively consistent for each age demographic in this state.

Motorcycle Insurance Rates in Missouri

The Ozark Mountains cover much of southern Missouri and are a popular destination for outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and fishing.

Motorcycle insurance averages $1,015.03 in the state. Nationwide ($526) and Progressive ($629) offered considerably cheaper rates, while Allstate ranks top for their customer service and low NAIC index in Missouri.

It is significantly more expensive for young riders to find coverage.

Motorcycle Insurance Rates in Nebraska

This state has a thriving music scene, incredible prairies to explore, and unique attractions. It’s the place where the Reuben sandwich was invented.

Nationwide ($290) and GEICO ($380) offered the best quotes, while the annual average of $458.23 is also affordable compared to other states in the region.

Young riders can find some good deals out there as well.

If you’re seeking detailed information on Nebraska’s rate, please refer to this article.

Motorcycle Insurance Rates in North Dakota

Teddy Roosevelt said that he would never have become President if it hadn’t been for his experiences in this state. It has picturesque terrain, connections to the Wild West, and many open roads to enjoy.

The average cost of motorcycle insurance in the state is $329.51. GEICO ($221) and Nationwide ($322) provided the best overall quotes.

Discover additional details about insurance premiums in North Dakota here.

Motorcycle Insurance Rates in Ohio

This state is home to several amusement parks, including Cedar Point, known for having some of the best roller coasters in the world.

In Ohio, the average cost of motorcycle insurance is $612.55 yearly. GEICO ($321) and Progressive ($522) offered the best rates.

Age-based quotes are relatively consistent for the region.

Motorcycle Insurance Rates in South Dakota

Thousands of motorcyclists visit Sturgis each year, but that isn’t the only reason to call this state home. From Mount Rushmore to Sioux Falls, you’ll find exciting festivals and important cultural monuments to explore.

Dairyland ($152) and Harley-Davidson ($164) offered the best rates against a state average of $455 per year.

It’s also quite affordable for young riders to find policies.

Motorcycle Insurance Rates in Wisconsin

Stop in New Glarus to get a taste of Switzerland and some of the country’s best locally crafted beer. Find some brats, enjoy some cheese, and enjoy long drives through forests and farmland.

USAA ($336) and GEICO ($370) provided the lowest quotes, while the average motorcycle insurance cost was $480 per year.

Motorcycle Insurance Rates in the Southwest

Motorcycle Insurance Rates in Arizona

Much of Arizona is characterized by its arid climate and desert landscapes, which include the Sonoran Desert, the Painted Desert, and the Petrified Forest National Park. You can also stop to see the Grand Canyon, one of the world’s natural wonders.

Dairyland ($245) and Harley-Davidson ($275) delivered competitive quotes, while the state average is $689.46.

Here are some important tips to save on motorcycle insurance in AZ.

Motorcycle Insurance Rates in New Mexico

New Mexico is home to several national parks and monuments, including Carlsbad Caverns National Park, Bandelier National Monument, and Chaco Culture National Historical Park.

The average cost of motorcycle insurance in New Mexico is $650.50 per year. Progressive ($513) and Allstate ($600) had great quotes.

Age-based pricing is competitive. Click here to learn more about insurance requirements and average costs by major cities.

Motorcycle Insurance Rates in Oklahoma

The historic Route 66, a famous highway that stretches from Chicago to Santa Monica, passes through Oklahoma, and is an excellent way to get to know the state’s cowboy culture.

With an average insurance cost of $766.67 for motorcyclists, Progressive ($555) and Allstate ($712) delivered the best quotes.

Young riders could end up paying double.

Motorcycle Insurance Rates in Texas

Texas’s thriving music scene is known for its contributions to country, rock, and blues music. Austin is known for its live music venues and festivals.

Progressive ($630) and Dairyland ($684) offered the best annual policy quotes, while the state’s average is $821.22.

More information here on how to save on motorcycle insurance in Texas.

Motorcycle Insurance Rates in the West

Motorcycle Insurance Rates in Alaska

Alaska is home to some of the most spectacular natural landscapes in the world, including glaciers, fjords, mountains, and the famous Northern Lights.

The median cost for motorcycle insurance in the state is $479.24. Only a few providers have policies available, so Progressive ($405) and GEICO ($443) offered the best rates.

Even for young riders, Alaska is an affordable place for motorcycle insurance.

Motorcycle Insurance Rates in California

California is home to Hollywood, but there is much more to the state than TV and movie production. It is also known for its beautiful shoreline, including Santa Monica, Malibu, Venice Beach, and Huntington Beach.

The average cost of motorcycle insurance in CA is $1,819.79. GEICO ($780) offered the best rate, followed by Allstate ($1,149.44).

Age-based costs have young riders with significantly higher rates.

Motorcycle Insurance Rates in Colorado

Colorado is home to the Rocky Mountains, which offer world-class skiing and snowboarding opportunities. Ski resorts like Vail, Aspen, and Breckenridge are popular destinations for winter sports enthusiasts and are excellent summer destinations for motorcyclists.

Motorcycle insurance costs in Colorado average $629.00 per year. Nationwide ($508) and Progressive ($520) offered the best quotes.

Motorcycle Insurance Rates in Hawaii

When visiting these islands, you’ll find it is home to active volcanoes, including Kilauea and Mauna Loa on the Big Island. Visitors can explore these volcanoes and see lava flows up close.

Motorcyclists in Hawaii pay an average of $550.34 annually for their insurance needs. GEICO ($533) and Progressive ($578) provided the best overall rates.

Young riders can expect to pay significantly more than average to obtain a policy.

Motorcycle Insurance Rates in Montana

This state has an abundance of natural resources. Its natural beauty and diverse wildlife make it the perfect place for a weekend getaway with your bike.

The average cost of motorcycle insurance in Montana per year is $501.93. Progressive ($283) and Nationwide ($428) provided the lowest quotes. Allstate quoted the highest premium for me.

Age is less of a factor for pricing than in other states, but it still does cause costs to rise for young riders.

Motorcycle Insurance Rates in Nevada

Las Vegas and Reno get a lot of acclaim for their entertainment and gambling options, but this state has much more to offer. You’ll find long stretches of open desert landscape that deliver wonderful exploration opportunities.

Riders in Nevada can expect to pay an average of $725.23 for motorcycle insurance. Progressive ($504) and Dairyland ($647) offered the best rates.

Motorcycle Insurance Rates in Utah

When riding through Utah, you can find five national parks to explore with a motorcycle: Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, and Capitol Reef National Park.

Dairyland ($219) and Harley-Davidson ($239) provided the best quotes, especially with an average rate of $744.67.

Proceed here to learn more about the insurance rates in Utah.

Motorcycle Insurance Rates in Wyoming

Wyoming has a rich history of cowboys, ranchers, and outlaws. You can explore historic sites like Fort Laramie National Historic Site, the Cheyenne Frontier Days Old West Museum, and the Wyoming State Museum.

The average annual cost of motorcycle insurance in the state is $450.34. GEICO ($318) and Progressive ($370) offered the cheapest quotes.

Young riders can also find great rates in Wyoming.

Motorcycle Insurance Rates in the Pacific Northwest

Motorcycle Insurance Rates in Idaho

Idaho has several national parks, including Yellowstone National Park, Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve, and Hells Canyon National Recreation Area. It is also known for its beautiful landscapes, outdoor activities, and skiing destinations such as Sun Valley.

GEICO ($422) and Allstate ($580) provided the cheapest motorcycle insurance rates, while the state’s average was $644.98.

Here’s more about the state’s policy requirements that you should know.

Motorcycle Insurance Rates in Oregon

Oregon has a beautiful rugged coastline stretching over 300 miles along the Pacific Ocean. Crater Lake National Park is home to the deepest lake in the United States and is a popular destination for hiking, camping, and sightseeing.

Although the state’s motorcycle insurance median is $809.44, Nationwide ($483) and Farm Bureau ($662) offered competitive quotes.

Young riders can expect to pay a bit more.

Motorcycle Insurance Rates in Washington State

Washington has diverse natural landscapes, including mountains, forests, beaches, and waterways, offering plenty of outdoor recreation opportunities. It is one of the largest producers of apples and cherries in the United States.

The average cost of motorcycle insurance in the state is $730.33. Dairyland ($697) and Allstate ($714) offered the best rates.

Pricing is similar for all ages.

How Do Insurance Companies Calculate the Premium?

Insurance companies use a variety of factors to calculate the premium for motorcycle policies. They review the motorcycle type, your age and experience, and your driving record to establish a foundation of what to expect.

The coverage levels you want for your motorcycle influence the rates. A liability-only motorcycle insurance policy is usually cheaper than one that offers comprehensive and collision.

Your deductible on comprehensive and collision also impacts your rate. If you’re willing to pay more if a claim is required, you’re assuming additional risks that can lower your monthly premium.

What Affects Motorcycle Insurance Rates?

Several factors affect the motorcycle insurance rate an individual rider receives. Here is a closer look at what insurers review when offering a quote.

  • Age and Driving Experience. Younger, less experienced riders may be charged higher premiums as they are statistically more likely to be involved in accidents.
  • Motorcycle Type. The make and model of the bike can also affect insurance rates. Sports bikes and dual-sport motorcycle insurance cost estimates are typically higher due to their increased risk of accidents and theft.
  • Location. Insurance rates can vary depending on where you live. Areas with higher rates of motorcycle accidents or thefts may result in higher premiums.
  • Coverage Requirements. Higher levels of coverage will typically result in more expensive premiums.
  • Deductible. This component is the amount you pay out of pocket before your insurance coverage kicks in. Choosing a higher deductible can lower your insurance rates.

Additional factors include your credit score, driving history, and how much time you’ve spent riding motorcycles. Riders with at least three years of licensed use often receive a lower quote.


I had plenty of questions the first time I needed to find insurance for my motorcycle. Here’s a look at what I needed to see for that journey to get a competitive quote, and I hope the answers can help you!

Who Has the Cheapest Motorcycle Insurance?

Progressive and GEICO typically offer cheaper insurance quotes than the state average, according to our research. These providers deliver nationwide coverage, creating a bigger pool of insured motorcyclists to protect and keep costs lower.

In some states, you can find rates under $300 for someone who is 35 with a clean driving record. For young riders (under age 25), these agencies deliver rates under $700 in states like North Dakota and Iowa.

Why Is My Motorcycle Insurance So High?

Most motorcyclists experience high rates because of the following factors.

– Multiple accidents or citations.
SR-22 or FR-44 requirements.
– Lack of experience.
– Under the age of 25.

You can potentially lower your rates by addressing the reasons for your high insurance premium and taking appropriate action.

Why Is Motorcycle Insurance Expensive for New and Young Riders?

New and young riders generally have less experience on the road, which increases the risk of accidents. Inexperience can also lead to poor decision-making and risky behavior.

Studies have also repeatedly shown that young riders are more likely to be involved in severe collisions involving life-threatening injuries. People in this demographic typically live in urban areas, leading to higher theft risks, and a correlation between racing or driving under the influence with age exists for some insurers.

When Do Motorcycle Insurance Costs Decline?

Many young riders see their average cost decline after age 25. As they gain more experience, additional motorcycle insurance discounts become available.

The motorcycle insurance cost for an 18-year-old can see a decline with good grades and an established driving record.

Maintaining a clean driving record with no accidents or traffic violations can decrease insurance costs.

If you move to an area with lower rates of motorcycle accidents or thefts, your insurance costs may decrease.

How Much Does Engine Size Impact Motorcycle Insurance?

Larger engines are typically found on more powerful and expensive motorcycles, which can increase the risk of accidents and injuries. This factor can also indicate to some insurers that riders are more likely to speed or recklessly drive, which increases the quote you receive.

Engine size is one factor of many, so comparing quotes from multiple insurers is essential to ensure you receive the best rate after buying a motorcycle.

Does Gender Impact Motorcycle Insurance Rates?

In the United States, gender can impact the motorcycle insurance rates an individual receives. Insurers use statists and historical data to assess risk and determine premiums, and it has been found that men are more likely than women to be involved in accidents statistically.

As a result of this information, men often pay higher rates than women for the same coverage on the same make and model of motorcycle. It’s important to note that not all insurance companies use gender to determine rates, and local regulations might prohibit gender-based quotes.

Are Sports Bikes More Expensive to Insure?

Generally, sports bikes are more expensive to insure than other types of motorcycles. This cost difference exists because sports bikes are designed for high performance and speed, which increases the risk of accidents and injuries.
Insurance companies view sports bikes as a higher risk and charge higher premiums.

Sports bikes are also more likely to be stolen or involved in accidents due to their popularity and appeal to thieves. The cost of repairs is also typically higher than for other motorcycle types, which also affects premiums.

A motorcycle insurance cost calculator offered by your preferred provider can deliver a rough estimate to compare different makes and models. The best option is to request a quote online or speak directly with an agent.

Does Marital Status Influence Your Motorcycle Insurance Rate?

Married riders may pay lower insurance premiums than unmarried riders for the same motorcycle and coverage because these individuals are seen as a statistically lower risk factor. Not all insurers use this information for quotes, and some jurisdictions might not allow pricing based on it.

How Much Is Motorcycle GAP Insurance?

On average, motorcycle GAP insurance can cost anywhere from $200 to $600 for a three-year policy.

The cost of motorcycle GAP insurance can vary depending on several factors, including the make and model of your motorcycle, the purchase price, the length of the loan, and the coverage limits you choose.

This coverage is typically available when purchasing a new motorcycle. Some insurance companies provide it as part of your policy.

How Expensive Is Motorcycle Insurance for High-Risk Drivers?

In some cases, high-risk motorcycle insurance can cost two to three times more than standard motorcycle insurance. On average, these policies range from $1,000 to $3,000 annually, but this can vary depending on the specific circumstances of the rider and their motorcycle.

Do I Save If I Bundle Motorcycle Insurance with Auto, Home, or Renters Insurance?

Bundling your motorcycle insurance with other types can often result in savings. Many insurers offer multi-policy discounts. By using this approach, you can save on administrative costs while showing insurers that you’re a valuable customer.

Having multiple policies with the same insurance provider can make managing your coverage and making payments easier.

Does Motorcycle Insurance Cost Less Than a Car?

Motorcycle insurance is typically less than auto coverage for most people. Although the risks of medical care payments are higher on bikes, the property and equipment damage repairs are often significantly lower.

How Can I Save on Motorcycle Insurance?

The easiest ways to reduce motorcycle insurance costs involve keeping a clean driving record and maintaining higher deductibles for full coverage.

If you haven’t financed your motorcycle purchase, consider using a liability-only policy. You could save $1,000 or more in the states with the highest rates. We’ve discovered 13 ways of saving opportunity here.

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