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Protecting Your Ride: Our Honest Review of Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Insurance

Harley-Davidson began offering motorcycle insurance in 1983. This move aimed to provide their riders with a comprehensive solution, catering to both their love for riding and their need for coverage.

By combining their iconic motorcycles with insurance options, Harley-Davidson expanded its services, creating a more holistic experience for riders.

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This setup allows you to go to a local dealership, select your bike, get a loan, and protect it with insurance and warranty coverages without needing to work with others. It is a convenient way to get what you need, but is it the best overall option?

Does Harley-Davidson Have Their Own Insurance Company?

Harley-Davidson itself does not operate its own insurance company. Instead, they collaborate with established providers to offer motorcycle policies tailored to their customers.

You will work with Harley-Davidson to create a policy that fits your current and future needs. After you receive and accept your free quote, another provider underwrites the coverage on behalf of H-D.

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You can purchase a policy online through their website, which is also convenient for getting a quote, making payments, or reporting claims. Additionally, most dealership locations can help secure new or new-to-you motorcycle coverage.

Harley-Davidson Insurance currently operates in 48 states. At the time of this review, they did not offer liability coverage in Alaska, Hawaii, or Washington, DC.

Pros and Cons of Using Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Insurance

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Before choosing Harley-Davidson Insurance for your coverage needs, reviewing the entire experience with the company is important. By looking at some specific advantages and disadvantages, you can see if this option is the best choice for how you ride.

Pros of Working with H-DCons of Working with H-D
H-D Insurance provides a generous list of savings opportunities that work to keep your policy costs low. Several options are unique to those owning Harleys as their primary rides.Brand recognition and specialized coverage can come with higher premium costs compared to other insurance providers. Although the average rates are generally lower, individual quotes are highly variable.
A wide range of coverage choices is available for riders, ensuring that most motorcycles receive the protection needed while on the road, in storage, and other daily environments.While specialized coverage is an advantage, it might limit your choices in terms of coverage options and pricing if you have a high-value bike or significant customization on your ride.
The pricing levels for riders wanting additional coverage beyond the state minimums where they live are highly competitive with larger agencies like GEICO or Progressive.Some policies could have restrictions on mileage, modifications, or usage, which could be limiting for certain riders.
You can choose optional equipment replacement cost for total losses, ensuring an unfortunate outcome doesn’t have to leave you at a financial disadvantage.Since you’re working with an underwriter outside the H-D network to get insurance, there is less room to negotiate rates or coverage choices. Regional variations or requirements could also exist for some riders.
Discounts are available for law enforcement and military members.You have no way to bundle insurance policies together unless you have multiple motorcycles requiring insurance.

How to Get the Best Rate at Harley-Davidson Insurance?

Getting the best rate on Harley-Davidson insurance involves a few smart steps. Here are some ideas to help you get an excellent quote for your coverage needs from my experience with this provider.

  1. Start by comparing quotes from different insurance providers.
  2. Consider factors like your riding experience, location, and the type of coverage you need because maintaining a clean driving record can also help you qualify for lower rates.
  3. Remember to ask about discounts for additional savings, including bundling if you have multiple motorcycles requiring protection.
  4. If you decide to work with H-D, remember to review your policy regularly to ensure you’re getting the best deal possible.

An optimal rate is something you earn through research and an honest look at how insurers see you. If you’re a low-risk rider, you’ll get a better rate than someone with violations or accidents on their record.

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H-D Insurance Ratings at a Glance

  • Customer Service: 3/5. Although everything is clearly communicated for rates and fees, finding the exact info you want in the policy terms and conditions can take time and effort. Cancellation fees apply if you decide to go with a different provider.
  • Online Tools and Resources: 4/5. I found the mobile app to be extremely helpful for policy management. You have access to event updates, ride planning, and dealer locations. That’s on top of the different ways you can update your information so that your insurance is constantly current.
  • Claims Process: 4/5. Services are available 24-7 with H-D Insurance in this category, while all others have limited overnight contact options. You have the opportunity to send an online query if an issue develops outside of regular operating hours.
  • Coverage Options: 5/5. Since H-D Insurance works with various underwriters, you can access more choices than a standard agency. A great example of this structure is the availability of guest passenger liability coverage. In some areas, you can add rental reimbursement, personal injury protection, and medical expense coverage.
  • Financial Stability: 4/5. Harley-Davidson Insurance receives an A+ rating from A.M. Best for its financial strength.
  • Additional Features: 4/5. Although bundling isn’t available, you can qualify for discounts as a homeowner. You can also find savings opportunities if you complete Harley-Davidson’s new rider training course. More exclusive features are available to members of a Harley Owners Group.
  • Underwriting Process: 3.5/5. I found the underwriting process to be streamlined and helpful. The information was quick when requesting a quote online. Overall, expect to spend 1-3 hours if you want to change providers or insure a new motorcycle.
  • Pricing: 2.5/5. My quote for motorcycle insurance was about $1,100. That was almost twice what Progressive was charging for a similar set of products. Allstate, Markel, and GEICO all were more than $200 lower. If you make any changes to your policy, there is a risk of having the rates increase significantly.
  • Reputation: 5/5. If you love H-D as a brand, working with them for your insurance makes sense. They have the specialized knowledge necessary to support your riding habits. Even if you ride a different make and model, there are still lots of excellent insurance choices to consider when working with this team.

FAQ About Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Insurance

A few questions can arise when requesting a free motorcycle insurance quote from Harley-Davidson. Here are the common issues that come up from my experience to help you manage the process more effectively.

You can also visit the FAQ page provided by Harley-Davidson Insurance for more information.

Does Harley-Davidson Insure Non-Harley Motorcycles?

Yes! While Harley-Davidson is widely known for its iconic motorcycles, they also offer insurance coverage for non-Harley motorcycles. They provide coverage options for most makes and models, ensuring you can protect your bike.

The vehicle coverage options are significant. H-D Insurance handles sportsters, softails, touring bikes, and more.

Is H-D Motorcycle Insurance Expensive?

The motorcycle insurance rates through Harley-Davidson are about 30% cheaper than average. Though rates vary nationwide, only Progressive and Dairyland offer a more affordable median cost.

Part of the reason for its affordability is its fewer coverage choices. You’re eligible for several discounts, but there aren’t as many ways to protect your motorcycle.

Is Trailer Protection Included in H-D Insurance Coverage?

Harley-Davison does not offer trailer protection as part of your insurance choices when requesting a policy quote. You can protect your bike and what is used to transport it while traveling, but it’ll need to be through a different provider.

Are There Bundle Discounts Available by Harley-Davidson?

Bundling is not typically available through Harley-Davidson unless you have multiple bikes requiring coverage. Home and auto choices are not currently permitted, though some riders might qualify for discounts as a homeowner.

Who Underwrites Harley-Davidson’s Motorcycle Insurance Policies?

Most insurance products for Harley-Davidson are underwritten by a member of the Sentry Insurance Group, which is based in Wisconsin. If you live in California or New York, your policies are underwritten by Viking Insurance Company. For those in Washington or New Hampshire, your underwriter is Middlesex Insurance Company (source).

Which states does H-D Insurance Services cover for motorcycle insurance?

Harley-Davidson Insurance covers 48 states, not including Alaska, Hawaii, and Washington, D.C. But riders from those states are still protected when traveling there.

Should I Give Harley-Davidson Insurance a Try?

Harley-Davidson Insurance might seem like a natural fit for Harley owners, but it isn’t always that way. Although I love the convenience of signing up for a policy at the dealership and branding extension, the initial policy offer I received was a little high for my taste.

After working with a representative over a few days, I was able to get the offer to something I felt had value. If you don’t mind putting in that extra effort, you’ll appreciate what is possible.

Overall, I’ve found the coverage to be beneficial for my riding needs. Although I haven’t needed to file a claim yet (and hope it stays that way), I’m confident in the outcome because of my experiences. 

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