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Do you use a trailer to haul your motorcycle and other items? If so, you’ll need to ensure an insurance policy covers everything you take with you on the road.

Motorcycle trailer insurance often fits into the cargo coverage category with today’s insurers. With that policy, you’ll protect the trailer as an asset with everything you’ve put inside it to haul.

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Cargo trailers are enclosed, enabling you to transport a motorcycle without having outside elements. Other hauling options could be available with different policies from each insurer. You’ll want to describe the equipment in detail to ensure you receive appropriate protection for your activities.

Do Motorcycle Trailers Need Insurance?

A motorcycle trailer can fit into several potential categories for insurers. Here are some of the common types that could haul your bike, although some aren’t less feasible than others.

When securing motorcycle trailer insurance, you’ll need to review whether the type or classification in your possession matches the policy coverage.

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Trailers for personal use typically follow the liability of whatever vehicle it is hitched to for towing needs. Many insurers require it to be a covered vehicle to qualify for this policy extension.

Some insurance plans do not extend the liability from the vehicle to the trailer. Collision and comprehensive policies are typically sold separately. If you haul a motorcycle, it might also need a different option to ensure you’re entirely covered should something happen.

What Insurance Covers Motorcycle Trailers?

Motorcycle trailers offer liability, comprehensive, and collision insurance options. Unless you leave it hitched to a towing vehicle at all times; it is better to carry total coverage to ensure you have a complete protection profile.A mini van and motorcycle trailer on road

If the trailer sits on blocks, then rolls off and hits something, there would be no liability claim to make. Your comprehensive or collision policy would cover that damage.

Some motorcycle insurance policies include trailer protections but only extend coverage to the actual trailer. Assuming the above scenario occurs with a bike strapped to it, you’d have no way to receive liability protection (and no payout) if that was the only available coverage.

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Most lenders require you to carry trailer insurance if the purchase is financed.

Does Auto Insurance Cover Motorcycle Trailers?

When you pull a trailer with your vehicle, the insurance policy for your car or truck doesn’t cover the items you’re hauling in some situations.

If the motorcycle gets damaged in an accident, is stolen, or receives vandalization damage, you will not have any protection with a standard auto policy. You’ll need separate coverage for physical damage to the items and the trailer repairs.

It helps to know how often you play to tow your motorcycle with a trailer when requesting a quote. That makes it easier to customize your policy, add personal items, or include roadside assistance.

The quotes for motorcycle trailer insurance can be high for some riders, so consider increasing your deductible to receive a lower monthly rate.

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