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Get the Scoop on MAPFRE Motorcycle Insurance: Pros, Cons, and Ratings

MAPFRE is an acronym for “Mutualidad de la Agrupación de Propietarios de Fincas Rústicas de España.” The company was initially established in Madrid, Spain.

Initially, the insurer covered rural properties around the city, focusing on farming and agricultural assets. As the company grew, it began increasing its service offerings and footprint.

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In the 1990s, MAPFRE would make it to the United States while expanding to Latin America and Europe. It is one of the largest insurance groups currently operating today. With mobile apps and a user-friendly online platform, managing your motorcycle coverage with this provider is easy.

Pros and Cons of Choosing MAPFRE Insurance

Before selecting MAPFRE for your motorcycle insurance, it helps to review the different benefits or possible disadvantages of this relationship. Here is what I found when interacting with the agency for a quote on my Harley Street Glide.

Pros of MAPFRE InsuranceCons of MAPFRE Insurance
MAPFRE offers a variety of coverage options, allowing you to tailor your motorcycle insurance to your specific needs.Changing or customizing your policy can be a bit complicated with this insurer, and it may involve additional fees or paperwork.
The insurer is financially stable, providing peace of mind that they can fulfill their obligations in case of a claim. They have a presence in over 100 countries.Depending on your location and specific policy, you may encounter coverage limitations or restrictions that could affect your protection.
They offer various discounts, such as safe rider and multi-policy options, helping you save on your premiums.You might be asked to work with a preferred partner shop for repairs.
MAPFRE is known for its responsive and helpful customer service, making it easier to navigate the insurance process. That includes having a website available in Spanish.The premiums tend to be on the higher side of the spectrum in the United States, making it less than budget-friendly for some riders.
There is access to educational resources to help you understand your coverage and make informed decisions about your motorcycle insurance.MAPFRE motorcycle insurance is currently available in 13 states and Puerto Rico, primarily along each coastal region. Some Midwestern states are also in the company’s coverage footprint.

Specialty motorcycle insurance is the priority to consider with this agency. If you’ve found getting the protection you want with other companies challenging, there could be an option here if you live in a coverage area.

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MAPFRE Pricing and Potential Discounts

MAPFRE in Spain

You can insure virtually any street-legal make or model with MAPFRE. They cover dirt bikes, touring models, scooters, mopeds, cruisers, and sports bikes.

As you start requesting a free quote, you’ll find that this insurer offers several discounts for those who qualify.

  • By being licensed for at least 12 months or having a motorcycle endorsement and a clean driving record.
  • You participated in and passed a motorcycle safety course.
  • Paying your policy in full reduces the overall amount you’d pay per month if you broke the coverage requirements into 12 equal costs.
  • Bundling policies is possible with MAPFRE across multiple categories.
  • You can receive a discount if you have an active AAA membership.

MAPFRE does work with several affiliates to provide motorcycle insurance products. That includes American Commerce Insurance Company, Citation Insurance, and Commerce West Insurance.

Not all discounts or coverage choices are available in all states. The best way to find out what is available where you live is to request a free quote.

Pricing is highly variable with MAPFRE. The best way to discover how much a policy will cost is to request a free quote. Location and driving record differences can cause your coverage to be several hundred dollars less or more per year before discounts.

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MAPFRE Insurance Review Ratings

  • Customer Service: 5/5. You work closely with an agent to settle claims or policy issues. Even if complex, most incidents are managed in 24 business hours or less.
  • Online Tools and Resources: 4.5/5. With the GO app from MAPFRE, you can view your policy, submit a claim, or pay your premium. It’s available for Android or iOS, but only in five states: CA, AZ, PA, FL, and MA. You can also use the DriveAdvisor app to improve your habits and potentially lower your rates.
  • Claims Process: 5/5. For me, there isn’t a better insurer out there today than MAPFRE for staying on top of every detail in a claim. The processing work happens immediately without hassle or arguments. Everything can be finished in a week or less in most circumstances.
  • Coverage Options: 5/5. You can find choices for virtually any make or model. Whether you want liability only or need full coverage, you’ll find lots of endorsements and add-ons to customize the process.
  • Financial Stability: 4.25/5. Most of MAPFRE’s operating subsidiaries receive an A+ rating from AM Best. Some of the local providers have a strength grade of A.
  • Additional Features: 5/5. There is an accessory coverage endorsement to increase the protection for your motorcycle or the trailer used to transport it.
  • Underwriting Process: 4/5. Requesting a quote is straightforward. You must provide your information and the motorcycle you want to insure. Once the information is evaluated, you’ll receive a competitive quote.
  • Pricing: 4/5. The good news is that you can lock in your MAPFRE rates for a year. Some riders may see higher payments because of their specialty needs – especially with adventure bikes.
  • Reputation: 4.5/5. MAPFRE might not be the most well-known name in the United States, with several long-established brands in this market. Still, they deliver excellent protection options for motorcyclists in their coverage area.

FAQ About MAPFRE Insurance

If you’re interested in learning more about MAPFRE Insurance, here are some of the common questions that arise.

What Discounts Are Available for MAPFRE Policies?

You can get a discount on your motorcycle insurance from MAPFRE if you’re a current member of AAA. They offer bundling and payment-related savings opportunities on top of that! You only need one year of riding experience to qualify for more – or you can participate in an approved safety course.

Can I Insure Racing Bikes Through MAPFRE?

MAPFRE Insurance provides several specialty coverage options for riders. If you have specific events or motorcycles to consider, contact a local agent to see what endorsements are available.

Which States are Covered by MAPFRE Insurance?

MAPFRE offers motorcycle insurance in 13 states and 1 territory: Arizona, California, Connecticut, Idaho, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington, and Puerto Rico.

Should I Consider MAPFRE Motorcycle Insurance?

Considering MAPFRE for motorcycle insurance can be a good option, depending on your needs. They’re a well-known insurance provider with a global presence, so they have experience.

It boils down to the coverage options and discounts compared to the price you want and if the coverage is available where you live.

I thought the entire process was fair, and the policy offer I received was valuable. If you want peace of mind for your motorcycle insurance, MAPFRE knows how to keep you on the road.

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