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As one of the largest groups of insurance and financial companies in the United States, State Farm’s main business is that of State Farm Mutual Auto Insurance Company. This is a mutual insurance corporation that owns all of the State Farm companies.

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Let’s go through an in-depth review and learn more about State Farm’s motorcycle insurance policy.

Their corporate headquarters are located in Bloomington, Illinois.

Ranked as 33rd in the 2017 Fortune 500 companies, State Farm sold its Canadian operations to Desjardins Group in 2014. Today, Desjardins still use the State Farm Name in Canada.

Founded in 1922, retired farmer George J. Mercherle wanted the auto insurance company to work well for farmers and he later would expand his services to other kinds of insurance such as life insurance, homeowners insurance, and financial as well as banking services.

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In 1971, singer, songwriter, Barry Manilow wrote and released the jingle that today is their standard jingle…”Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there” is a heard in households around the nation.

By December of 2017, the corporation would have over 70,000 employees and over 19,000 agents.

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The famous State Farm Logo was designed and created in the mid-40s and in 1953 it was updated. In 2011 the logo was transformed into the interlocked contemporary logo that we know of today. The newer logo would make its debut in January of 2012 and launch the marketing campaign for their 90th anniversary.

Today, State Farm offers affordable motorcycle insurance for both two and three-wheelers that are licensed for use on all public streets. Many companies charge more for some of the motorcycle coverages however, State Farm boasts that they don’t charge more for coverages.

What Does State Farm Motorcycle Insurance Cover?

State Farm motorcycle insurance covers both bodily injuries as well as property damage due to theft. It also covers emergency expenses and many affordable options for coverages. It covers bodily injury to someone if the damage was caused by you, as well as damage that is caused to their property if you’re the legally responsible party.

It also covers damages to the motorcycle if there is an accident. If your motorcycle is in storage for the winter it will also cover theft, vandalism, fire, and other forms of losses. If you have attached sidecars, special paint upgrades, or upgrades in the components, those are also covered under certain policy endorsements.

There are also emergency roadside expenses, damage to the protective gears, interruption to your trip expenses, and more that are all offered under specific endorsements. Your motorcycle policy is as individualized as you are.

What Is The Cost Of Motorcycle Insurance?

Your costs will vary according to what endorsements you have on your policy and the amounts of coverage that you have. Depending on your qualifications, an agent can also find some discounts for you that may also help to reduce the cost of your motorcycle insurance.

It’s always a good idea to compare your options and no motorcycle insurance quote would be complete if you didn’t get a few comparison quotes from other insurance companies such as GEICO, Progressive, Allstate and Farmers. You want to make sure when you’re getting comparison quotes that you’re getting your quotes on the same exact coverages.

Always ask what the cost is for any endorsements on the policy that you may wish to consider as well. Not all insurance companies are created equal and not all will offer you the same coverages.

When you choose State Farm, you are creating a relationship between yourself and your insurance agent. You’ll have excellent customer service and there are many ways that you can pay including online, and annually. Your insurance agent will have all of these options for you and in many cases, some options will save you a lot of money on your insurance.

Is State Farm A Worthy Choice?

Always remember that not all insurance is created equal. You want to be able to call your agent and ask questions and you need to make sure that you understand what is and isn’t covered by your policy.

When you take the time to understand all of this, you’ll be getting excellent coverage at an affordable rate. State Farm has many great options to choose from and you’ll want to list out what you do and don’t need your insurance and focus on this information before you make your final decision.

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