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Discover the Benefits of State Farm Motorcycle Insurance: An Unbiased Review

As one of the largest groups of insurance and financial companies in the United States, State Farm is a corporation that owns several branded companies that fall under one umbrella.

Let’s go through an in-depth review and learn more about State Farm’s motorcycle insurance policy.

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A bit of background:

Founded in 1922, retired farmer George J. Mercherle wanted to create an auto insurance company that worked well for farmers. He later would expand his services to other insurance types, including life, homeowners, and financial.

State Farm sold its Canadian operations to the Desjardins Group in 2014, but it still uses the branding. Its famous logo was designed in the 1940s and updated a decade later. What you see today was from a marketing update in 2012, coinciding with the insurer’s 90th anniversary.

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Today, State Farm offers affordable motorcycle insurance for two and three-wheelers licensed for use on all public streets.

Their corporate headquarters are located in Bloomington, Illinois.

State Farm Plaza
The building, named “State Farm Plaza,” is 13 stories tall and was constructed in 1974

What Does State Farm Motorcycle Insurance Cover?

State Farm motorcycle insurance covers bodily injuries and property damage due to theft. It also covers emergency expenses and many affordable options for coverage. That would cover bodily injury to someone if the damage were caused by you, as well as damage that is caused to their property if you’re the legally responsible party.

Emergency roadside expenses, damage to the protective gear, interruption to your trip expenses, and more are all offered under specific endorsements. Your motorcycle policy is as individualized as you are.

You can find comprehensive and collision options in addition to liability. Those choices cover damage related to seasonal storage, theft, vandalism, fire, and similar losses.

How Much Is State Farm Motorcycle Insurance?

Your costs will vary according to what endorsements you have on your policy and the amount of coverage you have. Depending on your qualifications, an agent can also find discounts that may help reduce the cost of your motorcycle insurance.

No motorcycle insurance quote would be complete if you didn’t get a few comparison quotes from other insurance companies such as GEICO, Progressive, Allstate, and Farmers. You want to ensure you get quotes on the same coverage to create an equal comparison.

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You can find some policies at just $60 per month, while others can be more than $600 monthly because of individual coverage needs.

We have created a comprehensive list that shows the average cost in each state.

Pros and Cons of Choosing State Farm for Motorcycle Insurance

There can be advantages and disadvantages with any insurer when you need a policy to protect your motorcycle. These are the potential positives and negatives to consider from my experiences with this company.

State Farm offers comprehensive coverage options, including collision, liability, and custom parts protection.State Farm is not always the cheapest option. You might find more competitive rates elsewhere if you’re shopping on a budget.
The company has offices and agents across the United States, making policy access and assistance readily accessible nationwide.Standard policies are available, but more specialized options must be available for those with antique, vintage, or racing motorcycles.
If you already have other types of insurance with State Farm (like home or auto), you can bundle them with your motorcycle insurance for a discount.Rates can vary significantly based on your location, especially if you live in an urban area.
You can access the insurer’s claim service at any hour of the day.Online quotes are available for simple needs, but anything with add-ons or specialty requirements needs the help of an agent.
State offices receive consistently high grades from A.M. Best, which means they’re well-equipped to pay claims when they occur.Some customers have reported that the claims process can be more complicated compared to specialized motorcycle insurers.

Motorcycle Insurance Ratings for State Farm Insurance

  • Customer Service: 5/5. State Farm regularly receives high marks for how it interacts with everyone.
  • Online Tools and Resources: 4.5/5. State Farm has several online features that make managing your policy easier. Quote generation and claims reporting occur through your dashboard. The insurer’s mobile app provides digital ID cards and account management choices. You can also pay online or browse their extensive blog to learn more about the industry.
  • Claims Process: 4/5. You can report a claim via phone and, for some insurance types, online. They have a 24/7 claim service so that you can call anytime. It helps to stay on top of communication and status updates since the paperwork can be extensive.
  • Coverage Options: 4/5. Plenty of standard options are available to review, with add-ons that cover most daily needs. Specialized policies are hit-or-miss.
  • Financial Stability: 4.25/5. Most of State Farm’s state and regional offices receive an A+ rating from A.M. Best. Some of the local providers have a strength grade of A.
  • Additional Features: 3.5/5. Although some add-ons and riders are available, the motorcyclists receiving the best value from this insurer are pursuing liability-only or comprehensive and collision add-ons only.
  • Underwriting Process: 4/5. Most riders will have a straightforward process when requesting an online quote and agreeing to the terms. Specialty needs might require a follow-up conversation with an agent.
  • Pricing: 3/5. Coverage choices are on the upper end of the cost scale throughout the country. Some riders might save hundreds each year with a State Farm vs Progressive motorcycle insurance comparison. Most areas have one or two cheaper providers, but those alternatives might have different coverage choices.
  • Reputation: 4/5. State Farm has a strong reputation, though there is some discontent about how claims are managed.

FAQs About State Farm Motorcycle Insurance

Some questions can arise when asking for a no-obligation quote from State Farm. Here are some concerns that came up during my request and the answers I found.

What Discounts Are Offered by State Farm?

Here are the discount options provided by State Farm for motorcycle insurance:

– Multiple motorcycle discount
– Safety course discount
– Homeowners discount
– Good driving discount
– Accident-free discount
– Anti-theft device discount
– Motorcycle organization discount
– Loyalty discount
– Student away at school discount
– Rider group discount

* Note that these discounts may not be available in all states and may vary depending on the policy and other factors. It’s best to check with State Farm directly to see which discounts are available for your specific situation.

Do I Need to Work with a State Farm Agent?

You can start the free motorcycle insurance quote online. Most riders can get a rate from that process and choose to accept if desired. You’ll work with one of the company’s 19,000 nationwide agents afterward to sign the documents or develop the specialized policy needed for your bike.

Is State Farm’s Motorcycle Insurance Available in Every State of the US?

Yes, State Farm motorcycle insurance is available in all 50 states.

Is State Farm Good for Motorcycle Insurance?

State Farm has many great options to choose from, and you’ll want to list out what you do and don’t need your insurance and focus on this information before you make your final decision.

I’ve always found this company easy to work with for motorcycle insurance. Their representatives are honest and straightforward with me whenever I have questions.

Even when filing a claim, the interactions and workflows are similar. They do an excellent job of ensuring I and my bike are cared for.

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