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Dairyland Motorcycle Insurance: A Reliable Provider for High-Risk Riders? Here’s the Review!

Dairyland was founded as a motorcycle insurance company in Wisconsin in the 1950s. It focused on this niche because seasonal riding, especially in the north, was a costly experience for those shuttering their bikes for up to five months per year.

As time passed, the company increased its offerings to include auto insurance coverage and other vehicle types, such as ATVs and snowmobiles. Then the insurer expanded to provide non-standard policies to high-risk drivers.

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In 1966, Sentry Insurance Group acquired the company. Dairyland has continued to grow throughout the years, focusing on motorcycle and non-standard specialty policies as it became a nationwide provider.

Here is my experience working with Dairyland and my recommendations for keeping your costs low if you’re in a high-risk category.

How to Request a Dairyland Motorcycle Insurance Quote?

Dairyland uses an online quote tool to help you see how affordable your rates will be. Just visit the company’s website and click on the “Get a Free Quote” link to get started.

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A car and a motorcycle collided on the road.

Dairyland provides standard and some specialty coverage choices, including optional equipment, replacement cost, and roadside assistance.

All motorcycle types are covered through this insurance, including top brands like Harley-Davidson and Indian. Even if you roll with a chopper, a café racer, or a touring bike, there is a policy waiting to consider.

Best Way to Get a Competitive Rate with Dairyland

You’re not alone if you found the initial free quote from Dairyland to be a little high.

The first time I requested a quote, the rate was about $400 more per year than I was paying with another national provider. According to Dairyland, the best way to reduce your premiums is to keep your driving record clean and reconsider the coverage options you want.

Everyone gets placed into a risk pool when requesting an insurance quote. This score is a lot like what lenders use to evaluate your credit.

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It shows how responsible you are in specific categories, like not having any accidents or holding your motorcycle endorsement for three consecutive years.

If you’ve been ordered to have an SR-22 certificate, you must clear the stipulations to remove this requirement before your insurance rates improve.

Maintaining continuous motorcycle insurance coverage throughout the SR-22 filing period is crucial. Any lapses or cancellations could result in your driving privileges being suspended again, and you may have to restart the filing period.

The time needed to maintain the certificate is highly variable, ranging from a few months to several years.

Pros and Cons of Dairyland Motorcycle Insurance

Before you decide to work with Dairyland, I’ve put together a series of advantages and disadvantages to review based on my own experiences. Although everyone has different needs, I believe these points represent what you can expect when requesting a free quote.

Pros of Working with DairylandCons of Working with Dairyland
You can tap into additional coverage options for motorcycles and off-road vehicles. Some bundling discounts could be available in these scenarios.Because Dairyland specializes in policy generation for high-risk motorcyclists, the median policy cost is higher than most state and national averages.
The website experience is optimized to simplify the quote-requesting process. It only takes a few clicks to get the information you want.Although some coverage add-ons are available, there are fewer customization options for motorcyclists through Dairyland than for most national insurers.
Dairyland has consistently strong ratings from industry experts, including an A+ from A.M. Best for financial stability and another A+ from the Better Business Bureau.If there is an accident on your record or an SR-22 requirement, you could end up paying double for your coverage than what other insurers charge.
Trip interruption coverage is available for those who travel frequently or ride their motorcycles daily.Dairyland motorcycle insurance is not currently available in Alaska or Hawaii. If you want to bundle car and bike policies, that option is available in only 38 states.
You can choose replacement cost coverage for a newer bike (up to 3 years old) instead of relying on motorcycle gap insurance from the dealership with a new policy.Several insurance providers might underwrite your policy, including Sentry, Viking, or Peak Property and Casualty, so there can be less predictability.

Dairyland Ratings in Critical Categories

Here is a closer look at my experiences working with Dairyland to develop a motorcycle insurance policy that worked for my needs.

  • Customer Service: 3/5. Canceling a policy through Dairyland can be challenging once you sign the papers. There can be underwriting delays, and below-average settlement offers in some situations.
  • Online Tools and Resources: 5/5. You can find everything you need for a free quote online. Dairyland’s website is filled with helpful tips to help you manage your policy and keep costs low.
  • Claims Process: 3.5/5. Although the process is straightforward and can be completed online, processing your documentation can be extensive.
  • Coverage Options: 4.5/5. You can take out a policy for virtually any motorcycle on the road today through Dairyland, but the company is more of a specialty provider for high-risk drivers.
  • Financial Stability: 5/5. This company has one of the highest ratings that A.M. Best offers.
  • Additional Features: 3/5. Some customization is possible, but the goal is to provide insurance for those who struggle to find it elsewhere.
  • Underwriting Process: 4/5. Everything can be finished online. Although the competition component can be slow for some consumers, I’ve never had a problem with their timing.
  • Pricing: 2/5. The average policy cost is significantly higher due to the risk pools that Dairyland accepts. If you cannot find SR-22 or FR-44 insurance anywhere else, this company likely has an offer to consider.
  • Reputation: 3/5. Most people are satisfied with the services offered by Dairyland.

FAQ About Dairyland Motorcycle Insurance

Sometimes, a few questions arise when requesting a free motorcycle insurance quote from Dairyland. Here is a closer look at the issues I’ve discovered while working through the process and the answers I found.

Why Is Dairyland Insurance So Expensive?

Dairyland has above-average insurance costs because its target audience is the non-standard market. This company specializes in providing competitive policies and rates for motorcyclists in high-risk categories, including those with SR-22 or FR-44 requirements.

That means motorcyclists with a lower risk profile may see a higher quote than with a competitive company.

How Can I Lower My Risk Profile for Dairyland?

The best way to lower your risk profile is to keep your driving record clean. Follow any SR-22 or FR-44 requirements, maintain a clean driving record for 36 months, and keep building your riding experience. In some states, it also helps to raise your credit score.

Does Dairyland Offer Seasonal Motorcycle Insurance?

Yes. Dairyland allows riders in parts of the United States with cold or harsh weather to have seasonal coverage when a motorcycle must be stored.

You typically buy six-month blocks instead of an annual policy or flexible payment plans to help you avoid violating your financial agreements.

Is Dairyland Worth It?

Dairyland motorcycle insurance is an excellent option for those in a high-risk category. If you are still looking for affordable coverage from other companies, you could receive a great quote when supplying your information.

The limited coverage add-ons could be problematic for some people. Although the company receives strong industry ratings, it is wise to request quotes from at least three insurers to ensure you receive the best rate.

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