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SR22 motorcycle insurance delivers coverage for high-risk riders who must verify that they carry appropriate minimums with their state.

This certificate is not a particular insurance type. It informs the state that the motorcycle rider has proven their financial responsibility.

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The reasons why an SR22 certificate could be necessary are numerous. Still, they typically involve driving without a license or insurance, DUI, or a violation that leads to suspended or revoked driving privileges.

When Do I Know If I Need Motorcycle Insurance with SR22?

In states where the SR22 certificate is necessary, the documentation must have registration or license reinstated after revocation or suspension.

Insurance companies file this form on the rider’s behalf. The policyholder is then required to keep the policy current until the requirement for an SR22 certificate expires. The SR-22 form is required by a state’s Department of Motor Vehicles or a judge in a traffic court. Riders receive notification that this certificate is necessary.

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Depending on the state, the details about SR-22 requirements are mailed as a letter or provided by the judge overseeing a rider’s case. Most jurisdictions require the SR-22 certificate to be on file for three years to certify enough insurance is available.

If you’re in Florida or Virginia, head here for more information regarding the FR44 certificate.

Can the SR22 Requirement Result in an Increase in Insurance Premiums?

Two types of costs occur when SR22 motorcycle insurance is necessary. There is the filing fee for the certificate and the increase that happens for a rider’s policy.

The filing fee varies by state. The cost is typically about $25 to have the insurance company file the SR22 certificate in California. Drivers must also pay any outstanding fees or fines to restore driving privileges, adding up to $300 or more.

What Is the Cheapest SR22 Insurance Available Today?

When comparing the cheapest SR22 insurance options available today, GEICO offers the best average price at just $556 per year. Progressive charges $669 annually, while 21st Century is nearly $900.

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These rates are based on multiple factors, including the motorcycle driven and the nature of the certificate requirement. Your overall driving history could be included as part of the process.

That’s why it is crucial to request quotes instead of trying to budget for SR-22 insurance based on rough estimates.

When riders need an SR22 for motorcycle coverage, they must review local and national insurance providers to find the best rate. Receiving an insurance quote is typically a no-obligation process. It does not impact a rider’s credit score. During the information gathering process, you might see a box that asks if you need an SR22 certificate. Check this box or make the required mark to ensure your quote is accurate.

Motorcycle Insurance with DUI Rates

Police Stops Motorcycle Driver for DUI Conviction

There’s no way to get around the fact that a DUI conviction will raise a rider’s motorcycle insurance rates and require an SR22 certificate.

The quote you receive depends on whether you drive a motorcycle, moped, or scooter. If you insure another vehicle in addition to a motorized bike, you’ll see less of an overall increase per vehicle than if you insure a motorcycle alone.

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Some providers charge as little as $90 per year for sport cruiser bikes with a DUI. Others can see their policies double in cost.

What is SR22 Motorcycle Insurance in California?

Some insurance companies do not file SR-22 certificates. If you need this documentation, it helps to ask in advance during the quote process.

Riders with an insurance company that won’t provide this service must switch to one that will offer it. After the violation, some providers might choose to cancel coverage or decide not to renew it.

California riders can turn to the California Automobile Assigned Risk Plan for assistance if no one provides insurance.

Higher premiums are common after an SR-22 certificate requirement. The average monthly increase is about $123, but some insurers might offer cheaper rates. That’s why shopping around for insurance and comparing policies is essential.

California might require a reissue fee of $125 if you were convicted of a DUI.

What is SR22 Motorcycle Insurance in Florida?

Florida no longer permits SR-22 insurance for motorcycle policies. That means riders must obtain appropriate coverage as indicated by a court proceeding or official notification.

The average insurance policy to cover motorcyclists in this situation is about $3,500 per year in Florida in 2022.

Some riders might be asked to increase the minimums over the 10/20/10 requirements that the previous SR22 insurance required. This issue typically applies to those convicted of DUI; the liability coverage must be at least 100/300/50.

Florida’s motorcycle insurance requirement differs from other states; here is what you should know.

How to Get SR22 Insurance at a Cheap Rate?

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When an SR22 order requires financial responsibility certification, the issue is something that all riders should take seriously. Operating any vehicle on roads, streets, or highways is not usually legal until appropriate coverage is obtained.

Some riders might receive a restricted license because of a conviction or violation. This issue typically applies to DUI incidents and allows you to drive to and from work, school, or classes.

Your location, age, and previous driving record play the most prominent roles in determining your eventual insurance rate. The average annual cost of SR22 insurance in Alaska is about $1,200 less than the median in California.

If price is a significant concern, especially for those who only insure a motorcycle, the best option might be to seek a non-owner policy.

Since you’re not insuring an actual vehicle, the rate is typically less than a standard policy.

How Long Does an SR22 Certificate Stay on My Record?

It depends on where you live and the penalty that led to the SR22 to determine how long the certificate stays on your record. Each state has different requirements, policies, and laws.

In California, the requirement typically lasts for three years.

The certificate must remain paid and up to date for three years for those who live in Florida. If the policy lapses, it will become invalid and potentially reset the clock.

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The best way to avoid an SR22 requirement is to drive responsibly. Knowing how to find the best rate and stay compliant can help prevent long-term cost increases when you need this insurance.

FAQ About SR-22 Motorcycle Insurance

Each SR-22 motorcycle insurance situation is unique, so some questions and answers may not involve your specific case. The following FAQs cover general information that applies to most circumstances for riders dealing with this issue.

What Is SR-22 Motorcycle Insurance?

This type of insurance policy meets the requirements of a filing with the same designation. It is a certificate of financial responsibility that some states require for individuals who have been convicted of specific driving offenses, such as driving under the influence (DUI) or driving without insurance.

Do I Need SR-22 Insurance?

Your state may require you to file an SR-22 certificate, if you have been convicted of certain driving offenses, such as DUI, driving without insurance, or reckless driving.

In that case, you must obtain a motorcycle insurance policy to meet your local requirements.

How Do I Obtain SR-22 Motorcycle Insurance?

You will need to contact an insurance company that offers this type of coverage to obtain your required SR-22 coverage. They will be able to provide you with a quote and help you file the necessary paperwork with your state DMV or designated office to ensure your riding activities are legal.

How Much Does SR-22 Motorcycle Insurance Cost?

Prices range from about $700 to over $2,000 in the United States for SR-22 motorcycle insurance. The cheapest quotes are typically in states like North Dakota and Iowa, while California and New York have the most expensive rates.

The quote you receive for SR-22 insurance depends on several factors:

– Your age
– Experience
– Conviction
– Driving record
– Make and model of the bike

Many insurers charge a filing fee of $50 or less to have your SR-22 certificate sent to the appropriate state officials.

What Happens If I Cancel My SR-22 Insurance Policy?

If you cancel your SR-22 insurance policy before the required time has passed, your insurance company will typically notify the state, and your driving privileges may be suspended or revoked.

The courts could order your SR-22 time to restart, or additional consequences could be associated with such a decision. Riders who find paying higher rates for this coverage challenging should speak with their insurer about available options.

You can also request quotes from other insurance companies to see if a cheaper rate is available.

Can I Remove a DUI Conviction from My Driving Record?

Clearing off a DUI conviction is possible, but it depends on the laws and procedures of the state in which you were convicted. In some states, you may be eligible for expungement, which is the legal process of sealing or destroying criminal records, including DUI convictions.

DUI convictions cannot be expunged or sealed in other states from your record.

Even if your state allows for expungement, certain conditions may need to be met before you can apply, such as completing a specific probation period, performing community service, or staying out of trouble for a particular time after the conviction.

Your SR-22 certificate might continue to be required in these circumstances.

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