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Sports bikes, which are also called “Supersports,” are typically the most expensive class of motorcycles for riders to ensure.

Multiple concerns create higher rates for the sports bike division. They’re more frequently stolen than other motorcycles, easily damaged in accidents, and have a higher fatality rate than other classes.

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If you want to ride a sports bike legally, most states require you to carry some type of insurance coverage. With policies often significantly more expensive because of the factors involved with this motorcycle class, the costs of protecting it can be prohibitively expensive for even good riders.

Knowing where you can save money can help keep costs down, but it is still more expensive to insure this motorcycle type.

What Are the Cheapest Sports Bikes to Insure?

A supersport or sports bike is defined as a motorcycle with optimized acceleration, speed, braking, and cornering when ridden on paved roads.

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This outcome is possible by strategically placing the engine, rider position, and heavy parts within the motorcycle’s geometry to maximize each trait. They’re built on a racing platform but modified for highway use to become available for the general public.

This division gets divided into four general classes. Each one has different insurance rates to consider.

Sports Bike Class

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  • Lightweight: This option is typically an entry-level bike with an engine displacement up to 500cc. They’re typically the cheapest motorcycles in this division to insure and an excellent choice for beginners who want to try a spirited ride. Look for the Honda CBR300R or the Kawasaki Ninja 300 for a great combination of speed and stability.
  • Middleweight: The sports bikes in this category typically offer displacements from 600cc to 750cc. Most models produce over 100 HP, weigh about 400 pounds, and deliver the benefits of a four-cylinder design. The Yamaha R6, Honda CBR600, and Suzuki GSX-R600 are popular designs to consider
  • Superbike: These motorcycles are sometimes referred to as the liter-class because their displacement minimum is 1,000cc. They deliver considerable speed and acceleration. The BMW S1000RR and the Ducati Panigale are excellent examples of this classification.
  • Hyperbike: The “hypersport” bikes are machines above 1,000cc. They’re not built to racing class specs. The best-known design is the Suzuki Hayabusa in this category, but you could also ride the Kawasaki H2 or the BMW K1200R.

What Insurance Coverage Is Needed for Sports Bikes?

Young riders ensuring a 600cc bike or above might find themselves asked to pay an insurance premium close to their financing package for the bike. That results in looking for ways to cut costs at the expense of having an adequate policy, which could be a huge mistake.

The factors that go into your quote include the make and model of the motorcycle, where you live, your age, your credit score, and your driving record.

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A larger motorcycle engine almost always equates to higher insurance rates. Finding a policy is often more expensive in urban areas than in rural ones, and a clean driving record typically delivers a lower rate.

As riders get older, their rates are typically lower. That principle also applies to credit scores as they get higher.

Even different insurance companies offer widely varying rates. If you shop for the best deal, you can often save hundreds of dollars annually when looking for sportbike insurance.

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