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You might be surprised to know that the busiest time of year for motorcycle activity is also the cheapest time to buy an insurance policy in most parts of the United States. You’ll typically save 10% to 25% if you purchase coverage in April.

January is the best time to buy motorcycle insurance for those who live in the northern states with active snowfall. Since fewer owners need active coverage, agents push for springtime riding plans during that time. Their desire for business allows you to save some extra cash.

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Not all northern states have active snowfall seasons that reduce insurance rates during that time. You’ll find the best quotes in the winter for Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, Wisconsin, and some parts of Michigan. Outside of those locations, plan for April.

When Is the Best Time of the Month to Buy Motorcycle Insurance?

I’ve found that the specific time or week during the month doesn’t usually impact how much money you can save on a motorcycle insurance policy.

Some insurers tend to lower their quotes at the beginning or the end of the month because they want customers during those times. Others have their quotes dip mid-month since most people get a paycheck at that time.

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If you work with a local agent, there could be a monthly quota that they want to meet. That can allow you to tap into more competitive rates or discounts to close a deal.

The savings that can come from waiting for a specific day or week is usually 5% or less, so balance when you want to make the premium payment with how much you save. It might be more practical to buy your policy early in the month before your other financial obligations are due.

How Much Does Cold Weather Impact Motorcycle Insurance Rates?

Some insurance companies adjust their rates based on the season. They might offer discounted policies during the cold weather months to retain existing customers or sign new contracts. This option is usually available in areas where high levels of suspension or cancellation occur.

If you live in an area with prolonged cold weather (typically around the Canadian border), your rates could be lower since your riding season is shorter. Variations of 30% or more can occur from city to city in some states, so it helps to request a quote from multiple providers to see who delivers the best rates.

Switching to comprehensive-only coverage is another way to save some money during the winter if you don’t receive a cheaper policy quote. Your monthly payments decrease by removing collision and liability since you’re not riding the bike.

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You may not be able to change your coverage if you financed your motorcycle purchase. Check with your loan provider to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Why Is February a Popular Month for Motorcycle Insurance?

Winter is a great time to buy a motorcycle. When the days are shorter and the temperature dips below freezing, riding a bike isn’t at the top of the mind for most riders. That means fewer buyers are going to dealerships, so you can pick up some great deals in areas where seasonal insurance rates are common.

Since most states require you to buy motorcycle insurance before taking the bike from the dealership, it tends to be one of the most popular times to buy a policy.

I have found that with some smart shopping, you can combine the MSRP savings and a slightly lower insurance quote.

Take, for example, the 2024 Harley-Davidson Road King Special. With dealer discounts, a desire to meet monthly quotas, and other factors, I was able to get $1,500 off the price if I paid cash. Combine that with a 7% savings on the motorcycle insurance, and the entire transaction was surprisingly affordable.

I highly recommend checking with Progressive, GEICO, and Allstate for your motorcycle insurance quotes during this time. Nationwide is another solid choice for your coverage needs if you live along the East Coast.

Although you can save money by timing your motorcycle insurance purchases, the best time to get coverage is when you know for certain you’ll ride. Once you hit the open road, you’ll find that the investment in that experience is priceless!

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Mike Navarette has more than a decade of experience in the auto insurance industry, but that's not his true passion. He loves getting on a motorcycle to explore roads he's never traveled. You'll find Mike in the garage working on something when he isn't helping clients or leaning into curves. It's sometimes a side hustle, more often a favor, but it keeps his hands busy doing something productive. Since the first time his father strapped on his helmet and took him for a ride, Mike has loved bikes. That passion, along with a desire to help others through a deep understanding of insurance policies, led to the creation of Motorcycle Ride Coverage.

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