Allstate Motorcycle Insurance Review

Not all motorcycle insurance is alike. Which means that shopping for the right policy from the best company provides you with the coverage that is needed. Allstate is one of the premier insurance companies in the US, and their motorcycle coverage is quite popular.

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In this Allstate motorcycle insurance review, we will look at some of the features and why it is the choice for so many motorcycle owners.

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Allstate is well known for their motorcycle coverage as providing some of the best in the industry. In addition to the high standards of the company itself, they offer specific protections for motorcycle riders and their bikes.

  • Rider Protection Package
  • First Accident Waiver

The rider protection package provides you with reliable medical protection in case you are injured because of a motorcycle accident. However, it is the first accident waiver which means that your rates do not rise if it was the first accident you caused in over two years while being with Allstate.

You will need coverage for you and your bike, and you cannot be charged with a major traffic violation, but not having your rates go up after one accident is a powerful advantage when going with Allstate.

Discounts: Another advantage is the discounts provided by Allstate that can really add up to save you money. From not being the cause of an accident for 60 months to taking a recognized motorcycle safety course and even just switching your insurance over to Allstate provides discounts that can help you save on premiums.

It helps that if you have another motorcycle to cover, Allstate provides a 35% discount for that. If you are looking to save money over the long run, Allstate is the right place to buy motorcycle insurance.

Fast Quote: The online tools that Allstate provides means that you can get a quick quote for new motorcycle insurance. The Allstate site does much of the work so that you do not have to do it yourself. It also provides accurate numbers for when you pay monthly or in full.


Of course, there are a few issues with Allstate that are more annoying than problematic. Starting with the fact that your initial coverage may be somewhat higher than other insurance companies when you begin. It should be noted that over time the premiums will start to significantly drop the longer you stay with Allstate.

Another curious decision by the company is that you cannot print your insurance card from the online site. You must get a copy from the nearest Allstate office. This is annoying when near your home, but it can be problematic if you are out on the road and far away if you lose your proof of insurance.

Overall, the motorcycle insurance provided by Allstate is reliable, comprehensive, and one of the best set of policies that you can find. For those who are in doubt about which insurance company to choose, Allstate offers significant advantages that you should investigate thoroughly before making your final decision.

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