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Kemper Motorcycle Insurance Review: Coverage, Pricing, and More

Kemper motorcycle insurance aims to protect riders, covering liability, collision, and comprehensive damage. The company provides auto, home, and life options for additional coverage.

Different add-ons are available for extra support, including custom parts, accessories, and roadside assistance. In return, you get the peace of mind to focus on the open road.

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Pros and Cons of Kemper Motorcycle Insurance

When I went through requesting a quote and underwriting a policy with Kemper, I found some advantages and disadvantages. Here’s a closer look at my experience so that you can watch for them during yours.

Kemper has been in the insurance business for a long time and has a network of agents to provide localized service.Kemper is only sometimes the cheapest option on the market. If budget is a significant concern, you might find lower rates elsewhere.
You can personalize your policy to meet most of your riding needs.This insurer works with non-affiliated companies to provide protection, so there is no cost, policy structure, or benefits guarantee.
If you already have other types of insurance with Kemper, like auto or home, you may qualify for a multi-policy discount.Kemper operates under the Infinity banner for policy underwriting, which puts this brand in a closer relationship to Dairyland. It is often more for high-risk drivers.
You receive the benefits of working with an independent insurer while receiving the structure of a comprehensive network of agents and support.The claims department might require you to work with their repair network for repairs. Details of these terms are found in your policy contract.

Kemper Motorcycle Insurance Ratings

  • Customer Service: 4.5/5. I found the representatives and agents helpful. They didn’t have options for some of the issues I needed to address.
  • Online Tools and Resources: 3.5/5. Everything with Kemper is basic but straightforward. The tools are easy to use but have fewer options for those on the go.
  • Claims Process: 4/5. Filing a claim goes as expected. You provide statements and evidence, and then an adjuster reviews all the information to deliver a decision.
  • Coverage Options: 3.5/5. Compared to Progressive, GEICO, or Allstate, motorcyclists have fewer add-ons or riders to consider.
  • Financial Stability: 4/5. Most of Kemper’s offices receive an A rating from A.M. Best. Some of the local providers have a strength grade of A+.
  • Additional Features: 3.5/5. You can go beyond the liability basics with a Kemper policy, although the cost can be a lot.
  • Underwriting Process: 4/5. Unless you have extensive coverage needs that require custom support, this insurer takes care of everything online.
  • Pricing: 2.5/5. The average rider will pay more for a Kemper policy. You’ll be more likely to find a competitive rate if you don’t have a clean driving record or require unique support because of past incidents.
  • Reputation: 3.5/5. Honestly, this rating would be higher if more people knew about this insurer. It provides services more in the background than other national providers.

FAQs About Kemper Motorcycle Insurance

If you’re interested in looking at Kemper for a no-obligation quote, here are some FAQs that often arise during that process.

Does Kemper Offer Motorcycle Insurance?

Yes. Kemper provides motorcycle insurance policies through a network of non-affiliated providers. This structure ensures you have complete nationwide access to their products.

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It is available in all 50 states. Kemper commercial vehicle insurance is only available in Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, and Texas.

Does Kemper Insurance Have Roadside Assistance?

Yes. It is an optional add-on that helps with dead batteries, flat tires, and fuel needs. This investment functions like a safety net for when you take a ride. Towing is also included.

How Much Is Kemper Motorcycle Insurance?

With only the minimum insurance needed for your motorcycle, a Kemper policy ranges between $100 and $400 per month. Drivers with a clean record and at least three years of riding experience tend to see the lowest rates.

Is It Worth Working with Kemper Motorcycle Insurance?

I feel that Kemper is an excellent choice to review for those with a history of tickets, accidents, or citations. You receive a competitive quote in those circumstances with helpful customer service options to troubleshoot any questions.

For everyone else, it helps to request a quote from Kemper as a competitive option to other top providers.

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