GEICO Motorcycle Insurance Review – Worth Your Money?

The Government Employees Insurance Company (GEICO) is one of the most renown insurance providers in the United States for Motorcycle Insurance. It is the second largest in the entire states after State Farm and its fame can be traced back to its fantastic marketing campaign in the industry.

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While the GEICO commercials may be overly hilarious, you may be interested in knowing whether they have quality motorcycle insurance. I am going to break down the GEICO motorcycle insurance in this policy and help you decide whether this insurance is right for you or not.

GEICO Motorcycle Insurance Review

This policy covers several types of motorcycles such namely;

• Sports bikes.
• Cruisers.
• Touring bikes.
• Enduros.
• Scooters.
• Trikes.
Dirt bikes.
• Some types of custom bikes.

What is Covered Under GEICO Motorcycle Insurance?

Review of GEICO Motorcycle Insurance

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The most common risks covered by auto insurance policies are theft and accidents. However, these are not the only risks that your motorcycle faces and GEICO has a couple of coverages designed for you. They claim that they offer top-notch cycle insurance coverage and let us take a look at what they have in store and see whether their claims are justified.

Accessories Coverage

This cover protects all your accessories. Accessories include saddlebags, seats, chrome pieces, CB radios, and backrests among others. However, it is required that you carry comprehensive or collision coverage on your policy. The collision coverage protects your helmet as well. Note that the coverage amounts are different for each state.

Bodily Injury Liability Coverage

It covers you against damages if you injure or kill another person while using your motorcycle. It also offers a legal defense if the aggrieved party decides to sue you in a court of law. This policy has some other limits of protection for you to select;

Collision Coverage

This policy pays for the covered damage to your motorbike when it gets hit or hits another car.

Comprehensive Physical Damage Coverage

It caters for the damages brought about by other risks apart from collisions such as fire, vandalism, and theft among others.

No-Fault Protection Coverage

It gives medical cover for you and your passengers.

Property Damage Liability Coverage

This policy covers you against some damages caused to someone’s property while using your motorcycle and offers you legal protection if the person decides to take legal action against you. This policy has several protection limits to choose from.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Caters for the damages caused by an uninsured driver in an accident that is not your fault.

Payment Options

GEICO offers its clients several payment options to fit into different budgets and payment timelines. The conventional methods accepted are credit cards, debit cards, online payments, pay by phone, money orders, cheques and electronic fund transfer among others. They have an option for one to get their statements over the internet as opposed to the conventional paper bills.

The payment options included are;

• Full payments.
• 9-payments.
• 6-payments.
• 4 -payments.
Monthly payments.

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GEICO has some discount options for people who want to pay less for their insurance coverage. Here are some of them;

  • The car insurance discount for people who already have another auto insurance coverage with GEICO and they receive a 5% discount for adding a motorcycle to their policy.
  • The mature riders discount option gives veteran riders a 10% off since they are considered to be less of a risk as opposed to young riders.
  • The multiple motorcycle option offers a 10% off to people who own more than one motorcycle.
  • The renewal discount gives one a 10% off if they renew their motorcycle policy with GEICO.
  • The motorcycle safety course discount goes to those policyholders who go through a safety course.
  • The military safety foundation discount option offers a larger discount of 20% for people who decide to advance and take this course.
  • The transfer discount gives you 10% off if you choose to change your motorcycle discount.

Claims Reporting

The claim reporting procedure at GEICO is straightforward, and you can do it at any time online through their website or the mobile application. Ensure that you have a policy number when reporting the claim for an expedited response.


  • Fantastic customer service.
  • Several convenient payment options and plans.
  • Competitive Insurance rates.
  • You can receive a quote and buy a policy without contacting an agent.


  • Not all discounts are available in all the states.
  • GEICO is a direct insurance writer, and you cannot get the service you expect through a local agent.

In order to get free motorcycle insurance quotes from GEICO , click here.


I have gone through most of the reviews posted online, and one thing that stands out about the GEICO motorcycle insurance is the customer service and fast operations. Getting a coverage at GEICO is very straightforward, and you do not have to go all the lengthy processes we have been used to over the years. This can be attributed to the fact that it is a direct insurance writer and all the procedures are centralized.

The discount options are reasonable and can be advantageous to you if you qualify for any of them. I think that the GEICO motorcycle insurance is worth a try and you should consider it if you are shopping for one.

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