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Bundling motorcycle and car insurance policies can save you time and money. It creates a combined policy where you can protect all your vehicles through one provider.

When you bundle insurance, you can have policies for all your vehicles. This structure simplifies the protection process if you have two motorcycles, a truck, a motorcycle, a car, and an SUV.

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As with other insurance options, taking time to shop around is the best way to find a great deal. Some insurers specialize in motorcycle insurance, while others treat it as an add-on service. When you need to protect your bike, working with a company that understands what you require makes sense.

Is Insurance Cheaper if You Bundle?

A motorcycle and auto insurance bundle provide a way to insure both options while paying less than you would for a full policy. Although it is typically cheaper to go this way, sometimes you can spend more than if you purchase separate policies.

It’s important to remember that an insurance company needs to see a benefit from the bundling process.

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When shopping for online quotes for motorcycle insurance with a car, truck, van, or SUV to bundle insurance, it helps to look at separate and combined options.

Even when you find a great deal, bundling means you’re stuck with a single insurer. That can mean you feel obligated to stay with providers that don’t consistently deliver the service or response you want.

It helps to get at least three competitive quotes in writing for bundled insurance to ensure you get the protection you need.

How To Pick The Best Bundled Insurance for Motorcycles and Cars?

When your goal is to select the cheapest insurance bundle for a motorcycle and a car (or another vehicle), you’ll want to keep these three points in mind.

Ask About Affiliates

Many insurance companies work with affiliate partners that can offer better deals than if you work with a broker or agent directly.

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If an affiliate is available, ask for a written quote for your bundled motorcycle and car insurance, then get another quote for separate policies.

It’s not unusual for an affiliate partner discount to provide a better rate than if you bundled everything together.

Compare Total Rates

Remember to pay attention to the premiums when comparing the bundled rates from different insurance companies. If those figures are higher than average, your promised savings will disappear.

You’ll want to review this issue if you need to insure something other than a late-model motorcycle. Some insurers may not offer bundles for custom builds, minibikes, mopeds, or scooters.

Ask for Other Bundles

Your discount for bundling motorcycle and car insurance might be 5% for each policy. Some providers offer home or renter’s insurance that you could also bundle to get a better discount. It is theoretically possible to add your health insurance into the mix if you receive it outside an employer-provided mechanism.

If you ask about what options are available to get a better rate, you’re more likely to learn about discounts that might not be published.

Shop Twice Per Year

When you request quotes every six months, you’re more likely to find the best rates for your motorcycle and car insurance bundle. If you have a local affiliate or agent, talk with them about specific discounts available during this comparison process.

Best Companies for Bundling Motorcycle and Car Insurance

If you’re looking for the best motorcycle and car insurance bundles, price isn’t the only factor to consider. You’ll want to look at how the provider offers services and features, such as roadside assistance, custom parts and accessories coverage, accident forgiveness, and more.

Here are some of the best insurers that let you bundle bikes and vehicles when managing multiple insurance needs.

1. Progressive

If you ride a motorcycle daily and have a car at home, this provider delivers impressive discounts for some drivers. Instead of getting a bundle, you receive a multi-policy discount. Some bike coverage options come at no additional charge, including an option for full replacement cost.

2. Liberty Mutual

This insurer provides complete motorcycle insurance coverage for riders, either seasonally or full-time on the road.

The one disadvantage for some motorcyclists with this provider is that quotes happen over the phone. There isn’t a maximum specified discount, but you can save through bundling and being an experienced rider. You’ll need your motorcycle endorsement or license for at least three years to qualify for the latter.


This provider consistently offers affordable rates while providing excellent customer service. When you bundle motorcycle insurance with a car policy, you’ll get a 5% discount. More experienced riders receive another 10% discount, and another 10% comes off when you switch from a different company or decide to renew your policy.

4. Allstate

The advantage of working with this insurer is a network of local agents ready to assist you. When you create an online profile, you’ll receive direct access to the phone number for your office and a picture of your assigned rep.

You can get quotes online or speak directly with your local office. Bundles are also potentially available for other insurance needs, ranging from homes to commercial buildings to surety bonds.

5. State Farm

You can get a quote from a local agent, call a toll-free number, or have someone contact you to discuss motorcycle and light auto bundles. As the largest insurer in the United States, you can get the extra coverage needed for your riding needs without difficulty with this provider’s resources.

When working with this provider, you can bundle scooters, minibikes, trail bikes, and factory-built models with cars.

6. Nationwide

If you request a quote from this provider, you can get a discount on bundled motorcycle insurance, but the coverage for the other vehicle remains the same. Several discounts are available, especially if you have anti-lock brakes or a theft recovery device installed on the bike.

This option works well if you need basic coverage for a car that sits more than you drive because you’re on a motorcycle full-time.

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What Do I Need to Do to Get a Great Rate?

If you need to bundle a motorcycle with another vehicle (or more), speak with your preferred insurer to discuss options.

Some insurance companies provide multipolicy discounts, while others create bundles with different rates based on your unique needs.

Although most companies let you save more when you bundle multiple policies, it is better to check the premium before looking at the eventual cost. That way, you’ll know what to expect when comparing rates from today’s top providers.

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