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Motorcycle insurance companies evaluate multiple risk factors to determine how much your quoted rates are when seeking coverage.

One of those elements is your driving history. That includes tickets, accidents, or other incidents where you were found to be at fault while behind the wheel. It doesn’t matter if the auto insurance is from a different company. Those issues can be rated on all policies.

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Some insurance companies may choose to rate an accident or a ticket on the auto policy but not the motorcycle policy. That outcome depends on the provider’s policies and procedures.

Does My Motorcycle Insurance Rise After a Speeding Ticket?

An insurance agency can provide a surcharge for any code violations related to operating a vehicle. A minor speeding ticket doesn’t always affect your rates, and an accident could be ignored if you have first-time forgiveness on your policy.

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This is important:

Some riders think that all speeding tickets from a car won’t count against their motorcycle insurance rate, but that isn’t necessarily true. More tickets usually equate to a hire quote.

A major speeding ticket, typically 25 to 30 miles per hour over the posted limit, will usually impact your motorcycle insurance rates.

Do Parking Tickets Cause My Insurance Rates to Rise?

Parking tickets don’t usually count against your driving record, so they’re unlikely to affect your insurance quotes. If you have unpaid fines related to this issue, your state might not allow you to renew your registration or license until the court costs are resolved.

Unpaid parking tickets come with additional fines, which means you pay more to resolve the problem. You’ll get a boot on your wheel in Seattle when owing four or more.

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Some cities and states reserve the right to impound your vehicle when unpaid parking tickets exist. They can sell the car at auction to resolve the debt if you don’t pay the fines.

Your credit score can also decrease when parking tickets go to a collection agency. It is only at this point that your motorcycle insurance rates could rise.

I’ve Made Claims on My Auto Policy – Does That Matter?

If you’ve made claims in the past, that risk factor could pass along to your motorcycle insurance quote. An accident can impact your future costs even if your company never paid anything. Multiple factors are considered with this issue, so it often depends on the insurer, your circumstances, and other data from your driving record.

How Long Do Tickets Stay on My Driving Record?

The typical speeding ticket stays on your driving record for 36 to 60 months. Most US states have a penalty system that issues demerits for violations to individual drivers, often referred to as “points.”

Each state sets a specific number of points or demerits for each violation. If a driver gets enough of them within a designated time, they could have their driver’s license suspended or revoked.

The demerits go to your driver’s license, which is required with a motorcycle endorsement to operate a bike. The insurance company can use that information as a risk factor when determining a quote for your requested policy.

There are some exceptions. In Colorado, a speeding ticket stays on your record permanently. The information remains in Hawaii and Minnesota for up to ten years.

Your best bet to get a traffic ticket off your record is to fight it in court, especially if you’ve never had one. Some states will reduce or drop the demerits or points for drivers who take a defensive driving course.

When you want the best rate possible for motorcycle insurance, it pays to shop around with different providers. It costs nothing to get a quote, and you’ll get to compare the various costs and coverages to find the most value.

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