DUI Motorcycle Insurance

A DUI or DWI conviction carries with it a serious charge as well as increased insurance rates. Even a single conviction may be enough to increase your rates dramatically and multiple convictions may prevent you from obtaining insurance altogether. However, there is DUI motorcycle insurance available for those who qualify so that they can get affordable insurance in light of their driving record.

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DUI and DWI Penalties:

Tips to Get Affordable Motorcycle Insurance with DUI and DWIDriving Under the Influence (DUI) and Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) are serious charges that puts you and others at risk of an accident that may result in injuries or death. Every day in the United States 28 people die from drunken driving incidents with many more being injured and having their vehicles damaged as a result.

It is because of this increased risk to life and property that insurance companies have strict policies when it comes to those who have been convicted of driving under the influence. Such determinations are made when your vehicle is either pulled over or has been involved in an accident. A police offers will usually administer what is known as a breathalyzer test that determines the level of alcohol in your system. If it exceeds a certain amount, then you may be charged with a DUI or DWI depending on the circumstances of the arrest.

If convicted, you will not only face the penalties as applied by the court, you will also be labeled as a high risk driver by your insurance company. This means that even a single conviction of operating a vehicle under the influence (OVI) may result in your current insurance rates going up and even being denied when trying to purchase insurance from another company.

How DUI Affects Motorcycle Insurance Premium?

How your rates are affected will be determined by a number of factors. For example, someone with a perfect driving record who records their first driving while intoxicated (DWI) conviction may face a rise in their premiums by 10% or more. This is because a single conviction automatically boosts the driver into a new category in which the premiums are more expensive.

It must be noted that there are other factors that play into your motorcycle insurance with DUI conviction which includes the following;

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Number and Frequency of Accidents
  • Type of Motorcycle

Basically, an older female with no accidents and driving a smaller, standard motorcycle is probably not going to see as dramatic an increase in her rates as compared to a younger male driving a larger, more powerful motorcycle that has been in a few accidents. Insurance companies base their premiums on statistical probabilities that tie into the current situation of the driver.

For those who have suffered their first conviction, the chances of obtaining or retaining motorcycle insurance after DUI is still quite strong. The more that is added to your driving record in terms of DUI or DWI convictions as well as accidents and other risk factors, the more expensive your insurance will be. In fact, you may reach the point where your insurance company will actually drop your coverage. So, lets discuss how to get motorcycle insurance with DUI.

Getting DUI Motorcycle Insurance:

DUI Motorcycle Insurance Free QuotesHowever, while being dropped by your insurance company may seem like the end of the world, the truth is that there is motorcycle insurance after DUI convictions that are available and even affordable. There are insurance companies that specialize in providing affordable DUI motorcycle insurance which means that you can get back out on the road again even after a conviction for driving under the influence.

Comparison Shop: The first step in getting motorcycle insurance with DUI is to shop around with the different insurance companies that offer this type of policy. In fact, you will find that many standard insurance companies will actually have a specific insurance plan for those who have this conviction. However, you may find that some companies will turn you down based on your risk factors, but that does not mean all of them will do the same.

SR22 Form: For all of those who have been convicted of driving under the influence, DWI or similar charge, you will be required to fill out this form as issued by your Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). This will allow the state to keep track of your insurance coverage and if it ever lapses, your driver’s licenses will usually be revoked. Learn how SR22 insurance works for motorcycle.

Assigned-Risk Plan: If you cannot find an insurance company that will cover you, then you may apply at the DMV for this type of plan. This means that you will be allowed to get liability coverage with the risk being assessed by the DMV so that you can legally drive while having insurance that is affordable. However, it must be noted that not every state has this type of policy.

While obtaining DUI motorcycle insurance may seem rather painful, the truth is that the government and insurance companies recognize the fact that people still need to drive in order to maintain their livelihood. So, you should not get discouraged after making a mistake such as driving under the influence. In fact, you can receive instant DUI insurance quotes from us that will provide you with a path towards getting your life back together.

Remember that one DUI is not the end of the world, but you will need to correct that behavior in the future otherwise your ability to drive will be out of your hands. Driving is not only a necessity it is a privilege that needs to be protected. So here are a few tips to help keep you safe.

  • Always take a taxi or have a designated driver when going out to drink.
  • Never get behind the wheel of your vehicle if you have been drinking.
  • Keep in mind that just one or two drinks can affect your ability to drive.

By staying alert, you can make sure that your DUI conviction is a once in a lifetime mistake that will never be repeated and over time will be cleared from your record so that you can enjoy lower insurance premiums again.

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