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What is an SR-22 form and why do you need one? Without the right insurance coverage and forms filed you cannot operate a motor vehicle of any kind. If you get pulled over and haven’t filed this form, you are not in compliance with local laws.

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This form is required of certain people with certain issues that include:

  • DWI or DUI convictions
  • Going over a certain amount of traffic violations quickly
  • Getting caught driving with a suspended or revoked license.
  • Major moving violation convictions
Procedure on How to File an SR-22 Form or Insurance
Violating Traffic Rules, DUI, and Suspended License Casuse You Filing SR-22

Different circumstances vary by what state you live in which makes this form a requirement. You generally will be told by your state’s court system that you need to fill out and turn in this form. What do you need to do to make sure you go through the process correctly?

Once you are told that you need to file this form by the courts or your state you need to talk to your insurance company. You may have to pay for a policy upfront in full instead of being able to pay monthly if you don’t have insurance yet. When you are seen as a risk for the company to work with it can make it more expensive to drive.

Rates whether you have a policy or need a new one are going to rise. If you have had a high frequency of incidents then the amount you have to pay will be much higher than if you just got in trouble one time.

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If you switch providers, you have to file the form again until you can legally drive. When you’re unable to pay for your coverage, then it may cause you to have your license revoked. Always be honest and let providers know that you have had trouble and ask them for guidance if you have any questions regarding the form filling process.

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