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FR44 motorcycle insurance is an option found in Florida and Virginia. This document acts as a certificate of financial responsibility that the insurer issues.

It can be a cheaper way to reinstate your license after it has been suspended for various reasons, though it is typically for a severe driving offense.

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The most common reason an FR44 certificate is required is because of a DWI or DUI conviction.

Is FR44 Motorcycle Insurance the Same as SR22 Coverage?

The FR44 document is a certificate that proves to the state government that you have purchased motorcycle insurance.

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Although the SR22 insurance is similar, the requirements are stricter to have an FR44 issued. That’s why it is typically used for the most severe driving offenses that lead to license suspension.

In Florida, you must purchase 100/300/50 insurance coverage for your motorcycle to qualify for an FR44 policy. More about the insurance requirements of Florida here.

  • You must have a minimum of $100,000 per person in bodily liability.
  • The policy needs to provide at least $300,000 per accident.
  • There must be at least another $50,000 for property damage liability.

The typical Florida motorcyclist only needs $10,000 in personal injury protection and another $10,000 for property damage liability. Bodily injury liability coverage can be waived.

In Virginia, motorcyclists must have at least 50/100/40 coverage to qualify for FR44 insurance. That’s above the 25/50/20 limits, which are the minimum requirements.

Facts About FR44 Motorcycle Insurance

If you own a vehicle and a motorcycle in Florida or Virginia, it is often cheaper to tie the FR44 to the bike to save some on your policy. Some riders might be required to install an ignition interlock device to revoke their license suspension, so that tactic isn’t possible in situations like that.

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Some people get ordered to have FR44 documents but don’t own a motorcycle or any other vehicle. In that circumstance, some insurance companies offer a non-owner policy.

It is impossible to keep your current insurance and purchase a separate non-owner FR44 policy to comply with Florida’s requirements. Some states allow this process for SR22 certificates.

How Do I Submit the FR44 Documentation?

Courts in Florida and Virginia will mandate whether you need FR44 insurance or the less severe SR22 certificate.

If you are required to submit the FR44 document, it is a requirement to inform your insurer of this order. The insurance company submits the paperwork to the Department of Motor Vehicles, which takes you one step closer to removing the license suspension.

Some insurance companies don’t provide FR44 coverage. It helps to shop around to see the available rates if you need to submit this document.

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