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Although it isn’t allowed in Florida, an SR-22 form can be attached to motorcycle insurance policies. This certificate shows that you meet the current liability limits while being a high-risk operator.

If you’ve been convicted of a DUI or multiple traffic violations, you might need SR-22 insurance to operate the bike legally. Depending on where you live and your circumstances, an FR-44 might be required.

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Even if you don’t require these certificates to obtain insurance, some motorcyclists could be considered high-risk.

What Is a High-Risk Motorcycle Insurance Policy?

High-risk motorcycle insurance is reserved for drivers with a below-average or poor driving record. That doesn’t mean you don’t operate a bike safely, but it does show there could be several factors present indicating that you’re more likely to file a claim than someone else in similar circumstances.

The most common triggers for high-risk insurance are DUI convictions, numerous at-fault accidents, several or severe moving violations, or a combination of them.

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Age and inexperience can be factors when shopping around for motorcycle insurance. Most people under 25 will see higher rates than older adults. You’ll also pay more if you have less than three years of riding experience.

Finding a motorcycle insurance policy for a high-risk individual can be challenging since some companies don’t offer this option.

Does a Poor Credit Score Impact My Motorcycle Insurance?

Bikers with low credit scores are often placed into higher-risk categories. They’re more likely to file a claim than those with a score of 600 or higher.

Here are some incredible tips to improve your credit score.

Each insurance company has a scoring mechanism when evaluating individual credit risk factors. Although you’re less likely to experience difficulties with a clean driving record, you might still be charged a higher rate than someone with better credit and similar circumstances in other categories.

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How Much Is High-Risk Insurance for a Motorcycle?

High-risk motorcycle insurance costs are dependent on individual circumstances. Your monthly or annual premium is based on the coverage quality you want, the selected insurer’s pricing structures, and your credit score and driving history.

Bikers in the high-risk category can pay anywhere from 35% to 70% more for motorcycle insurance than those without that classification.

The amount you’ll pay depends on how many speeding tickets you’ve had in the past 12 months, your DUI convictions, and how far your credit score is below 600.

Unlike other insurance requirements, high-risk motorcycle policies are not ordered by the court system. It’s a calculation based on the various factors an insurer sees when issuing you a policy. Some issues, like a DUI conviction or an at-fault accident, stay on your record longer. That means you’ll pay higher prices until those issues clear.

Following the rules is the best way to prevent paying for high-risk motorcycle insurance. Drive the speed limit, take a safety course, and wear appropriate apparel while on the bike. If you’re in this category, try to stay accident-free for the next three years while working to improve your credit score.

Be sure to shop around for prices from several insurance companies to ensure your high-risk policy is charged at a fair and affordable rate.

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