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Driving a motorcycle in the snow might be fun, but it isn’t always practical or safe. When you live somewhere that sees winter start from September to December and run through February or March; it might be worth considering seasonal insurance.

Seasonal motorcycle insurance provides an automatic transition from full-time riding to storage during the winter. You won’t have financial liabilities to juggle if something happens to the motorcycle because of theft, damage, flooding, fire, or other covered events.

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This insurance does come with some potential disadvantages to review. Here’s a closer look at the pros and cons to see if this option fits your riding needs.

What Are the Benefits of Seasonal Motorcycle Insurance?

Seasonal motorcycle insurance eliminates the need to change your policy each year. You know that when a long winter season is about to start, you can store your bike with confidence until it’s time to ride again.

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Some riders change their deductibles without this option to save money – or cancel their insurance altogether.

Here are some other benefits to consider when looking at seasonal motorcycle insurance.

  • It is typically cheaper than a standard policy. Seasonal policies provide complete protection for six to nine months in most locations. Then the coverage transitions to primarily comprehensive and liability since you’re storing the bike. That lowers its overall costs.
  • Sunny day exceptions are included. Most insurers provide a clause in the seasonal policy where you can ride your motorcycle a certain number of days during the winter when the weather is nice. You might be asked to confirm when you want to hit the road before getting in the saddle.
  • You still have complete protection. If you finance or lease a motorcycle, it is typically mandatory to maintain total insurance coverage on the bike. Failing to do so can cause it to be repossessed in some situations. With a seasonal policy, you’ll meet the expectations set by the lender.

What Are the Disadvantages of Seasonal Motorcycle Insurance?

The primary disadvantage is that you need to change your riding habits to comply with the policy. You have restrictions on the number of days you can get on the road when the weather is nice, and some policies only offer a sunny day option.

Here are some of the other disadvantages to consider with this insurance option.

  • You still have a deductible to manage. Comprehensive insurance has a deductible that you pay out-of-pocket when something happens. If you experience a total loss, you could pay anywhere from $250 to $1,500, depending on your policy terms.
  • Collision insurance is still part of the equation. A leased or financed bike has collision coverage on it even though you’re not using the motorcycle.
  • It is only sometimes available. Some insurance providers don’t offer this option, so you might need to switch to a different agency to get the coverage required for the winter.

The benefits of seasonal motorcycle insurance typically outweigh its potential disadvantages. There could be time limitations on when this coverage is available, so act quickly when winter approaches to ensure you have the protection you need.

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