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Short-term motorcycle insurance offers flexibility and convenience. You can purchase a policy for a specific timeframe or event, have a clear budgetary expectation, and manage your circumstances without surprises.

With an annual motorcycle insurance policy, you have the peace of mind that comes with complete coverage. If you pay in full, the monthly cost is typically lower than what you’ll pay when the premium is broken into different installments.

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Although an annual plan is often recommended for daily riders, there are times with short-term coverage makes the most sense. Here are some of the scenarios to consider.

Having a Day at the Track

Most motorcycle insurance policies are sold in six- or twelve-month blocks. The only way to get a month or two of coverage is to pay your premium, then cancel the policy. If you take your bike out for the occasional day at the track, it makes little sense even to purchase a month of protection.

Some insurers offer specific track-day policies, while others classify it as a temporary insurance option. You’ll want to speak with the agent or broker about the specifics you need to protect your assets.

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Taking a Long Road Trip

If you live in a state that requires low minimums on motorcycle liability insurance, consider asking for a temporary increase when taking a road trip. It helps to have the lowest amount allowed in the state that requires the most coverage for your travels.

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If you live in New Jersey, your minimums are 15/30/5. When you take a trip to Maine, the state hits 50/100/25. Asking for a temporary increase can help you avoid potential issues while keeping costs manageable.

One Nice Day in the Winter

A seasonal motorcycle insurance policy might allow you to have a day or two of riding when the weather warms and the sun shines. You’d only need to tell the insurer when you plan to use those days.

Without this “sunny day exclusion,” you’d need to purchase temporary insurance to enjoy a day on the road. You could drive without it, but then you’d be responsible for any damages or losses that occur – and it wouldn’t be legal in virtually all jurisdictions.

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Your Friend’s Bike with No Insurance

When you ride someone’s motorcycle, their insurance policy typically covers injuries and liability. If your buddy doesn’t have coverage, you’d need to purchase a temporary policy to protect your insurable interests if you’re in the same situation.

If you already have motorcycle insurance, it might allow you to ride another bike without needing to do much more than inform the agency about your circumstances. This issue also applies to rentals.

Taking a Motorcycle Home

You typically need motorcycle insurance to move a bike anywhere. Even if you trailer it, your current policy might not cover everything. Asking for a temporary policy so that you have protection during the transportation process ensures an unexpected issue won’t dramatically impact your finances.

Short-term motorbike insurance makes sense when you don’t have many riding needs. Each situation is unique, so please remember to discuss the specifics as you request a free quote.

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