All You Need to Know About Seasonal Motorcycle Insurance

One of the more annoying aspects of motorcycle insurance is that you are paying for coverage while your bike sits idle in the garage during cold or inclement weather. In some parts of the country, that may be up to six months or more where riding a motorcycle will not be very enjoyable.

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However, many companies offer seasonal motorcycle insurance that allows you to pay only for the times of the year when the weather cooperates. This is a very popular type of insurance for those who enjoy riding their bikes during the warm days of summer, but dread taking it out in the cold days of winter and thus store it in a safe location.

What is Seasonal Motorcycle Insurance?

Seasonal motorcycle coverage is essentially the same as standard motorcycle insurance except that it only applies during specified times of the year. You can find the same levels of coverage that includes the following;

  • Comprehensive
  • Collision
  • Liability
  • Uninsured Motorists
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Comprehensive insurance covers your bike whether you are on the road or it is safely stored away. Collision coverage only applies if you are on the road while liability protects you in case someone is injured or property is damaged and uninsured motorists protects you in case an accident injures you or damages your motorcycle and the cause was by a driver without insurance.

How does it work?

Basically, having seasonal coverage offers you the same types of insurance choices, but at a reduced cost in the sense that you are not riding your bike during certain times of the year. This type of insurance is perfect for individuals who do not like riding their bike in the winter months or when it is generally more dangerous to be on the road due to inclement weather conditions.

Where do you live? You location is important!

Most people tend to ride their motorcycles in the late spring, summer and early fall months when the outdoor temperature makes it more enjoyable to be outside. Naturally, there may be some areas of the country where having seasonal insurance may not make much sense such as Hawaii, California or Southern Florida where winter is a rare visitor. However, the northern sections of the US and in particular Alaska may be the ideal places for having insurance that is seasonal.

Generally speaking, to qualify for seasonal bike insurance you will need to store your motorcycle for a pre-designated time period inside your garage or other appropriate shelter. During this time, the risk to your motorcycle being damage is greatly reduced simply because it is not out on the road. So, the premiums are summarily reduced as well.

Financial Benefits of Seasonal Motorcycle Insurance:

There are notable benefits for having affordable seasonal motorcycle insurance, particularly if you only ride your bikes during certain times of the year.

Less Expensive: The most obvious advantage is that your rates are lower as compared to those who have constant motorcycle insurance policies in place. Your premium rates are based on risk factors of your bike being damaged in an accident. Obviously, if your bike is being stored in a protected garage, then the only risk will be if it is stolen or if something happens to the place where it is being kept such as fire or flood damage.

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If you choose comprehensive coverage, then your bike will be protected from damage when it is not out on the road. However, if you so choose you can just have collision, liability and uninsured motorist which will save you a considerable amount of money as they are not active when your bike is in storage.

You should know that…

The main advantage of this form of insurance is that it can be tailored to fit your lifestyle. For many motorcycle riders, they keep their bikes in storage during the cold months of the winter and being able to keep more money in their pocket by paying lower insurance rates is a definite advantage.

Features of the Seasonal Motorbike Coverage:

There are several features to seasonal motorcycle insurance that you will want to be aware of so that you can make the best informed decision about which feature to choose.

Lay Up: This particular feature allows you to suspend your collision insurance for the time that your bike is not out on the road. This is mainly for those who know when their set period of time will be.

So, for example if you decide to suspend your collision coverage from the 1st of November to the 1st of April, then you will not pay that portion of your insurance for six months.

Seasonal Motorcycle Insurance Nothing to Pay when Bike is Stored in GarageHowever, if you do drive during that time, your motorcycle will technically not be properly insured. This means that you can save a considerable amount over that time of the year, perhaps upwards of 25% or more when using this form of insurance.

Bundle: This is another discount that you can enjoy when you bundle your policies all under one company. Many motorcycle riders will save 10% or more on their combined insurance premiums which can really add up over the course of the year. In fact, if you have another vehicle that you do not drive during certain times of the year, that can be added in as well. This means that you can have seasonal auto insurance as well.

Community Group Discounts: Your insurer may recommend that you join a community group that is recognized which will allow you to enjoy even further discounts for your seasonal motorcycle insurance quotes. Most of these groups have driving courses that you can take which will apply to your insurance policy, reducing your risk and thus lowering the rates that you pay. Quite often these discounts can range around 5% or so, but every little bit helps.

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Of course, many of these discounts apply to standard insurance policies as well. However, motorcycle insurance for seasonal riders can be very inexpensive and allow you to ride during the best times of the year. Click here to request multiple quotes online for seasonal bike insurance and see how much you can save when taking this form of insurance.

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