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When comparing insurance options for a motorcycle, it’s not unusual to start debating the benefits of bodily injury vs. medical payments coverage.

If an accident happens, you want an insurance provider who is dedicated to helping you manage the stresses that can occur with injuries to yourself or others. Insurance is a proactive resource that protects your financial well-being.

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You can choose to carry bodily injury and medical payments coverage. If you purchased a motorcycle with a loan, you might be required to have liability that includes support for third-party damages.

Medical payment coverage is usually optional.

Is Bodily Injury the Same as Medical Expenses?

When comparing bodily injury vs. medical payments coverage, the primary difference is that the first option applies to third-party claims. MedPay covers the policyholder and a potential passenger on the motorcycle.

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When you have liability coverage for your bike, it will only ever cover damage you’ve caused to others. With MedPay, it applies regardless of who is determined to be at fault for the incident.

In almost every state, bodily injury coverage is required, although Florida has options that let bikers show their financial responsibility instead of carrying a formal policy. MedPay is only needed in New Hampshire and Maine.

What Are the Differences Between Bodily Injury Liability and Medical Payments?

Five specific categories are worth reviewing when comparing the differences between bodily injury and medical payments coverage.

Here is a look at what you can expect to receive with most policies when hunting for the best insurance options for your motorcycle.

Payment Category
Bodily Injury Coverage Available
MedPay Coverage Available
Medical Bills
Policyholder Injuries
Funeral Expenses
Injuries Cause to Another
Required Coverage in Most States

It’s easy to confuse these two coverage types because they pay for similar needs, but they apply in different situations.

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Filing a bodily injury claim is only possible when working with the liability insurance of an at-fault driver. If you cause the accident, you must file a claim with your MedPay or personal injury protection coverage.

What Does Bodily Injury Liability Insurance Cover?

If you’re in an accident and considered responsible for it, bodily injury coverage can protect you financially. Here are some of the things this insurance covers.

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  • Medical Expenses: The insurance covers hospital bills, medical care, follow-up visits, and medical equipment costs for others involved in the collision.
  • Physical Pain: Some injuries cause long-term chronic pain. Bodily injury coverage could help with this issue.
  • Lost Wages: When an injured person cannot work because of an accident you caused, this coverage can help them keep paying their bills.
  • Legal Costs: Should a lawsuit related to the accident be filed, your coverage can help to cover your legal fees.
  • Funeral Costs: If the accident causes a fatality, the bodily injury liability can help cover these expenses.

Liability insurance aims to cover a financial nightmare if you’re in an accident, especially if it is your fault. You’ll need to speak with an experienced agent to determine the appropriate coverage options for your situation.

MedPay Is Often Used as Supplementary Coverage

MedPay aims to help motorcyclists avoid expensive and unexpected bills if something happens while riding. That’s why this product is often used to offer supplementary coverage for existing healthcare coverage.

Before choosing MedPay limits and terms, reviewing the various exclusions in your health insurance policy is essential. Some providers don’t offer coverage for motorcycle injuries, while others might limit the kind of care you can receive.

One of MedPay’s benefits is that the policy can apply if you use a bicycle or walk when the collision occurs.

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