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No one expects to be in an accident when they get behind the wheel of their Polaris Slingshot. Circumstances can fall outside of your control while on the road, unfortunately. You need to respond quickly to protect your interests and health when that happens.

This guide takes you through the necessary steps to manage the aftermath of an accident so that you can begin the recovery process immediately.

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Steps to Follow After an Accident in Your Polaris Slingshot

When you’ve been in an accident with your Polaris Slingshot, the first step is to ensure you and your passenger, if present, are safe. Try to move away from any current or potential hazards before evaluating the situation.

If you have been injured and cannot move, look for a way to call for help. Have someone contact emergency services by dialing 911. Some freeways have roadside phones if no one has access to a mobile device.

Once you’ve assessed the situation and can be safe, you’ll want to follow these steps after an accident while operating a Slingshot.

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  • Pull to the Side. Pull it over to the shoulder if the Slingshot is in a fender bender and is still operable. Turn on your lights or hazards.
  • Get Information. You’ll need to trade information with every other vehicle or party involved in the accident. Get the contact details of all drivers, passengers, and witnesses. You’ll want license plate numbers, driver’s license info, and the insurance companies for everyone.
  • Stay Until Dismissed. Don’t be the first person to leave the scene of an accident. If you do, someone could contact the authorities and claim that you hit them and left, resulting in additional legal issues to manage. If in doubt, call the police to let them sort it out.
  • Report the Accident to Insurance. Your Slingshot insurer needs to know about the accident as soon as possible. Different states have reporting requirements. If there is over $500 in damages, you typically need to file a police report. It is not unusual to have other drivers file documents insisting that you’re at fault for the collision, so don’t take things personally. Stick to the facts.
  • Seek Medical Help. Even if you only suspect an injury, it helps to visit a doctor immediately after an accident. Failing to address your care needs could limit or exclude what can be claimed if you are hurt.

When you follow these steps after an accident, those actions will help ensure that you’re not bearing unnecessary blame for the situation. Whether it’s a minor collision or a major rollover, you don’t need to panic because this info lets you follow the proper procedures.

Your insurer might have specific policies or procedures to follow. Keep that in mind when informing them of what happened with the Slingshot to ensure your claim can progress as expected.

Tips for Managing an Accident with a Polaris Slingshot

The best way to manage an accident is to be proactive about stocking your Slingshot with necessary supplies. Although your space is limited, it helps to have an orange vest, a first aid kit, and a disposable camera available.

When discussing the incident with others, do not speak of the details unless asked by a police officer. Don’t make an accusation; never admit fault by saying sorry. Those actions could be used against you.

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Then file a claim as soon as possible to help your Polaris Slingshot or its replacement get back on the road as quickly as possible.

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