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The Motorcycle Safety Foundation offers several courses to riders of all ages intending to improve their bike handling skills. It’s the perfect start to the journey that begins when you decide to listen to the call of the open road.

MSF safety courses can help new riders work with any bike type, including scooters and mopeds. Refresher classes are available for those licensed in the past, but it’s been a minute since they’ve been in the saddle.

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Although an MSF safety course might not be mandatory, the advantages of this information can help everyone become a better rider in several ways. Tangible benefits are also possible.

Ways That an MSF Safety Course Helps Students

Before receiving your license or endorsement, a DMV-approved motorcycle safety course might be required. Completing these classes can sometimes be used in place of a skills test at the agency, making it easier to get on the road legally.

That’s one way an MSF safety course helps students. Here are some additional positives to consider.

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1. Develop New Skills

A motorcycle safety course can help new riders develop basic riding skills, such as braking, turning, and shifting. The course instructors can guide proper technique and offer feedback to help riders improve their skills.

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A motorcycle safety course will also teach new riders about the rules of the road, such as traffic laws and road signs. This knowledge is essential for safe riding and can help prevent accidents.

2. Create Confidence

Learning to ride a motorcycle can be intimidating for new riders. A safety course can help build abilities by providing a safe and controlled environment to practice riding skills. With a solid foundation of skills and knowledge, anyone can approach riding with greater confidence and feel more comfortable on the road.

3. Potential Discounts

Many insurance companies offer discounts to riders who have completed a motorcycle safety course. This benefit can help offset the cost of the classes and lead to long-term savings on insurance premiums, especially for young riders between the ages of 16 and 20, who typically pay the most.

4. Improved Safety Awareness

Most MSF safety courses require between 15 to 20 hours of instruction time. The goal is to complete the classes on a single weekend, but some formats space the time across two weeks or four weekdays. In return, you’ll learn about the importance of safety gear, such as helmets, gloves, and protective clothing.

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They also cover basic safety principles, such as the importance of maintaining a safe following distance, scanning the road for hazards, and being visible to other drivers.

5. Comradery

When you start riding motorcycles, you’ll find that you are joining a much larger family. You’ll meet new people, find friends, and become part of a greater community.

Most training schools offer MSF- or state-approved courses for new riders. Options include an introductory rider course, learn-to-ride classes, and street skills. Intermediate bikers might choose returning riders, refresher, or experienced courses.

Many people start seeing their investment in their education start paying off right away, including with their motorcycle insurance needs.

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