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SR-22 motorcycle insurance is an option that some riders must have after engaging in reckless activities, as defined by law enforcement and local rules. It is a certificate of financial responsibility that some states or court orders require.

It’s not actual insurance. The SR-22 designation refers to the form riders must file with their state to legally use their motorcycle. It serves as evidence that a policy meets the minimum liability requirements.

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Riders that need SR-22 documentation vary by state. It’s typically required after an uninsured driver causes an accident, DUI convictions, or reckless driving.

Anyone needing an SR-22 receives notification from their Motor Vehicle Department.

What If I Need FR-44 Motorcycle Insurance?

Some riders might receive notification from their state that they need an FR-44 instead of an SR-22.

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This certificate is like the SR-22 because it proves that a rider carries activity liability insurance. The primary difference is that the FR-44 usually includes a higher liability requirement than the state minimums.

If a rider allows their SR-22 insurance to lapse, your provider files another form with the Department of Motor Vehicles or equivalent office. That causes the license to be suspended until the insurance gets renewed.

That’s why all riders must monitor the current status of their insurance policies if they have SR-22 or FR-44 requirements.

Driving Issues That Trigger an SR-22 Requirement

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An SR-22 or FR-44 is only necessary when riders are ticketed or convicted of specific charges. Although each state sets its own laws in this area, the following issues typically create this insurance requirement.

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  • Speeding more than 20 miles per hour over the posted limit.
  • Being involved in an at-fault accident with more than $2,000 in damage.
  • Driving a vehicle with a suspended license.
  • A reckless driving citation.
  • Charged with DUI, including the electronics version in Washington and other states.
  • Racing activities.
  • Leaving the scene of an accident as a hit and run.

Although most states require an SR-22, Delaware, Minnesota, New York, New Mexico, Kentucky, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Oklahoma don’t need this paperwork on file. Riders must continue following the requirements that initiated the need for this insurance to continue driving.

Florida does not allow SR-22 or FR-44 certificates with motorcycle policies. Proof of financial responsibility is still required.

How Do I Obtain SR-22 Motorcycle Insurance?

The process of obtaining SR-22 or FR-44 motorcycle insurance begins with requesting a free quote. When a rider starts to purchase a policy, they’ll need to mark the appropriate box that says a certificate of financial responsibility is necessary.

After completing the purchase, your insurance provider will start the process to file the SR-22 or FR-44 certificate on their behalf.

Riders can also contact their current insurance provider for the necessary paperwork.

The cost to file SR-22 or FR-44 paperwork depends on the state, but it is typically $25 or less. Insurance companies often include the price in the quote.

If riders don’t own a motorcycle, an SR-22 might still be necessary. Purchase a non-owners policy to ensure compliance with local rules or court orders. The forms are typically valid for three years when the policy payments remain current.

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