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Motorcycle insurance rates for 16-year-olds are typically higher than those for older riders due to several factors. The average cost in the United States is about $1,150 per year, which is about 20% higher than any other demographic.

Most insurers see 16-year-olds as riskier to insure as they have less experience on the road, especially when it comes to motorcycle operations. Statistics show that younger drivers are more likely to be involved in accidents and file insurance claims, which is why insurance companies tend to charge more for coverage.

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Motorcycles are inherently more dangerous than cars due to their comparative lack of safety features and the increased risk of injury in the event of an accident. Insurance companies may charge higher rates for motorcycle insurance to offset the increased risk.

The type of motorcycle that a 16-year-old chooses to ride can also affect insurance rates. High-performance bikes or sports motorcycles, for example, are more expensive to insure because of their increased risk of accidents and theft.

Do 16-Year-Olds Have Motorcycle Riding Restrictions?

In some places, there are restrictions on the type of motorcycle that 16-year-olds can ride, while in others, there may be minimum age requirements for operating a motorcycle.

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No federal law in the United States sets a minimum age for motorcycle riding. However, many states have laws requiring riders to be 16 years old at a minimum to operate a motorcycle. In addition, some states require riders to complete a motorcycle safety course before they can ride on the road.

In New Mexico, some riders can receive a permit or license as young as 13 when specific circumstances apply. Temporary motorcycle permits are available to riders at 15 and a half in Missouri, Hawaii, and Arizona.

You might be required to carry a permit for up to six months before being allowed to have the right to drive alone or with passengers.

Some states place the minimum age at 17 or 18. These laws are subject to change, so please review the current standards before riding a motorcycle.

How to Get Affordable Motorcycle Insurance at 16?

Getting affordable motorcycle insurance at 16 can be challenging, but that doesn’t mean it is impossible. You can take the following steps to limit costs, including being on a parent’s policy instead of having the bike protected by individual coverage.

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Shop Around

It’s crucial to compare rates from multiple insurance providers to find the best deal. Each company will have its own pricing model, so it’s worth getting quotes from several different insurers.

Lower Displacement Bike

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Smaller, less powerful motorcycles are usually less expensive to insure. Consider starting with a 125cc or smaller motorcycle to keep insurance costs down.

Have a Higher Deductible

A higher deductible means you’ll pay more out of pocket in the event of an accident, but it can lower your monthly insurance premium.

Complete a Motorcycle Safety Course

Most insurance companies provide discounts for riders who complete a motorcycle safety course. Not only can this save you money on coverage requirements, but it can also help you become a safer, more confident rider.

Add an Experienced Rider

Adding a parent or another experienced rider to your policy can help lower your insurance rates. However, it’s essential to ensure that the more experienced rider rides the motorcycle, as misrepresenting the primary rider can result in your policy being canceled.

Several factors play a role in a motorcycle insurance quote, including those who are 16 years old and want to ride. You’ll want to talk to your preferred providers to determine what discounts could be available for the bike you plan to ride.

It also helps to ask questions while receiving a quote or discussing your needs if you need clarification on anything in your policy.

Is It Worth Riding a Motorcycle at 16?

While it may be more expensive for a 16-year-old to get motorcycle insurance, it’s essential to have coverage to protect themselves and others in case of an accident. Shopping around by receiving quotes from multiple insurers is recommended to find the best rates and coverage options.

Motorcycle insurance is worth having at any age. If the quotes you receive are too high, consider a different vehicle for your transportation needs. Rates will start dropping around age 20 for most, with additional savings occurring at age 25.

Investing in this protective resource is wise if you can afford the policy, particularly because the premium becomes more affordable after your 25th birthday.

Additionally, if you start now at 16, you will have nine years of riding experience under your belt, which can further reduce your premium. It’s essential to remember that having more years of experience can significantly lower the premium compared to someone who is just beginning.

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