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Can I Obtain Motorcycle Insurance with Only a Permit and No License?

People usually think obtaining vehicle insurance without a driving license is impossible. However, while that is true for most people, there are exceptions where some people have auto insurance without a driving license, which applies to motorcycles and other vehicles.

So, you might wonder, can I get motorcycle insurance without a license? You have come to the right place to learn about it.

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Do You Need a Driver’s License for Auto Insurance?

While getting auto insurance without a driving license or endorsement is uncommon, it can be done under minimal circumstances. So, the general answer is no. There are a few valid exceptions concerning who can purchase such insurance without a valid license; currently, thousands of people have such insurance.

However, it must be noted that having insurance does not mean that they can drive their motorcycles or vehicles.

Getting Motorcycle Insurance without License:

The first step in acquiring bike insurance without a license is the insurance company which will follow the rules of the state where the insurance is being purchased. However, most, if not all, states in the United States will have exceptions for buying motorcycle insurance without a valid license, including the following.

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Suspended Driver’s License: For those with a suspended driver’s license, insurance can still be purchased by filling out the SR-22 form. This allows the state itself to keep track of your insurance policy. This is arguably the most common way people can purchase auto insurance without a driving license, which also applies to motorcycles.

In this matter, the information from the suspended license will still be used, including all pertinent information.

Disabled: If you cannot be issued a driver’s license because of a disability that prevents you from operating the vehicle, you can purchase motorcycle insurance without a license if the policy does not cover you as the driver. This means the insurance will cover someone named to drive your motorcycle, car, or truck. The rates will depend on the age and driving record of the person named the driver on the insurance.

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International Driving Permit (IDP): This is for those who have driver’s licenses from other countries and wish to drive in the US without obtaining a state’s driver’s license. It will have to be allowed by the insurance company and the state in which it is being issued to purchase this type of insurance. However, the IDP may not be recognized in all states, so the person must research to ensure they are adequately covered before purchasing insurance.

In any case, you will need some proper, recognizable form of identification, such as a birth certificate, to obtain motorcycle insurance without a license. There may also be rules or regulations unique to each state that must be followed to purchase insurance without a state driver’s license or endorsement.

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Does Motorcycle Insurance Cost Higher Without a License?

The general answer is yes; the premiums are higher without a license because of several factors. If you are purchasing insurance so that someone else can drive your vehicle, then the premiums will match their age and driving record and will often be higher regardless.

Can You Get Motorcycle Insurance without Valid Driving License?

This means that whoever you choose to put on your insurance as the driver must have a clean driving record and be at least 30 years old to ensure the lowest possible premiums.

Those getting insurance under the SR-22 form will naturally be higher because the license has been suspended. Even if the permit is simply outdated, it would be far easier to get it reinstated first and then get insurance so that you pay less on the premiums. Also, those with an IDP may pay more for motorcycle insurance without a driving license, especially if their driving record is not verifiable.

Last but not least…

There may be coverage issues or features in the insurance itself that make it more expensive, as insurance companies tend to charge more for this type of coverage.

Can You Get Motorcycle Insurance with Just a Permit?

The answer is YES. But there will be restrictions as most drivers who get motorcycle insurance with a permit are covered by their parent’s policy.

The restrictions may include a curfew in which the driver can only operate his or her motorcycle during pre-set hours of the day, having a licensed passenger, and the driver must wear the appropriate safety gear and helmet while operating their motorcycle.

Different states may also have unique rules and regulations regarding getting motorcycle insurance while only having permits.

So, how can you actually make this possible?

How to Insure Your Vehicle without a License?

You can find affordable motorcycle insurance without a license if you follow the proper steps. While there are insurance companies that do not have this type of policy, plenty of those do, and your first step should be to find the ones that have what you need. Following these steps will certainly help you find a suitable provider:

  • Locate the insurance companies that offer no driver’s license insurance coverage
  • Compare their rates
  • Find out about any discounts
  • Settle on the one that provides the best coverage at the lowest premium for your needs

If all these steps seem time-consuming, click here and get free quotes from reliable motorcycle insurance providers in the USA.

Bottom Line:

You may find that obtaining motorcycle insurance without a license or endorsement is more time-consuming and perhaps more expensive, depending on the circumstances. However, when working with the right company, you can rest assured that you follow all the appropriate rules and regulations to get the coverage needed.

If you feel that the insurance company is still asking too much, see what courses you can take or other ways that can be used to lower the premiums. It will take more work. But the result will have the insurance policy that covers you for this particular time in your life.

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