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Insurance companies work to evaluate risk factors. That information helps them to provide quotes for the coverage you want for a motorcycle.

If you don’t have a motorcycle license or endorsement, you can still purchase insurance for your bike. How that circumstance is viewed for pricing depends on a few different issues.

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  • Are you without a license or endorsement because it was suspended or revoked?
  • Did you receive the motorcycle as a gift but have not yet learned to ride it?
  • Do you have an established driving record?

Some insurers view an unlicensed status as a higher risk. In contrast, others may treat the situation as having less liability since you cannot legally take the motorcycle on public roads.

Is Motorcycle Insurance Without an Endorsement Possible?

Some insurance companies require all drivers, including motorcyclists, to have state-issued identification to obtain insurance. You will need to speak directly with an agent or representative to see if coverage is available.

Since insurance companies use a driving record to determine risk factors and rates, obtaining coverage without a license or endorsement can be complicated. Some insurers don’t accept unlicensed policyholders.

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If you own a motorcycle and don’t ride it since you lack a license or an endorsement, there are some ways that you can improve your chances of receiving coverage.

  • Exclude Yourself from the Policy. This action means you won’t have the option to ride your motorcycle, even if you eventually get licensed. That also means your status isn’t factored into the risk assessment process. You can always make changes once your license is restored or you earn an endorsement.
  • Have a Primary Driver. You can name a different primary driver other than yourself for your motorcycle insurance. That will cause the insurer to look at their record when establishing rates.
  • Don’t Insure It for the Road. You can have a comprehensive-only policy to protect your motorcycle while storing it until you’re ready to get your license or endorsement. Liability coverage is not typically needed if you’re not riding it on public roads.

How Much Does Insurance Cost Without a License?

High-risk motorcyclists can see their insurance rates double, especially when a DUI or a license suspension is involved. That means someone who paid $1,000 per year for coverage might be quoted a $2,000 policy.

If you name a different primary driver, the insurance rates are like what you’d pay if you were on the bike with a similar record.

Comprehensive-only policies are often cheaper. Some insurance companies offer this option seasonally, but there could be year-round options until you’re ready to ride.

Rates are highly variable, based on your location and circumstances, so try to request a quote from several insurance companies to shop around for the best value.

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Obtaining motorcycle insurance without a license or endorsement can be a little challenging if you have a high-risk situation. By excluding yourself from the policy and naming another rider, you can avoid expensive rates in most circumstances.

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