Apply Free and Compare Motorcycle Insurance Quotes for Over 16 Year OldFor many, it may not seem likely that there is actually motorcycle insurance for 16 year old riders available, but it does exist. It might be difficult to obtain a decent rate at this stage of life, but due to the competition among the providers in the market, you always hold the control over which particular package to choose.


The best option is to apply free quotes, compare the rates and choose the most suitable offer that is affordable for you. We can certainly assist you to get the best rate for today if you are 16 or just over. You just need to choose your state and click on the available offers.

Is Affordable Motorcycle Insurance for 16 Year Old Available?

The answer is yes, there is bike insurance for 16 year old. However, the insurance itself tends to be more expensive as the statistics demonstrate that teenagers are more likely to be in accidents than those over 26. Therefore, the additional risk will translate into more expensive premiums that will depend in part on the type of coverage that is purchased.

Is there restrictions over getting insured at 16?

However, the good news is that a 16 year old can start driving out on the road because they can get insurance, even if they have to get their own policy away from their parents’ coverage. Currently, there is no US state that does not allow 16 year old to get their own insurance policy. This is because all persons who qualify to drive vehicles are eligible for insurance as well.

Of course, how much they have to pay for insurance is another matter and depending on their driving record, insurance companies may refuse coverage based on how they drive, but not their age as long as it is at least 16.

How Much Does Motorcycle Insurance Cost for a 16 Year Old?

The motorcycle insurance cost for 16 year old riders varies depending on a number of factors, but generally speaking it costs about double what a 30 year old experienced motorcycle driver would have for an identical policy.

For example, if a 30 year old experienced motorcycle rider pays about $600 per year for his or her policy, then a 16 year old should expect to pay at least $1,200 per year for theirs.

The policy rates for motorcycle insurance starts to drop noticeably when the rider turns 20 and by the time they turn 25 it will often drop below the national average assuming a good driving record. Click here to check out today’s best rate online.

Find an Affordable Policy at 16:

Young Driver 16 Year Old Can Get InsuranceFinding affordable motorcycle insurance at 16 is possible depending on a number of different qualifiers that can help lower the overall rates.

Parents’ Policy: Many 16 year old get coverage on their parents’ insurance policy assuming that they drive a vehicle. By bundling the coverage, the overall rates will be lower for the 16 year old as compared to getting a policy on their own. This is because the rates are combined with the parents who in most circumstances are paying a far lower rate.

Avoid Accidents: Driving safe is arguably the best way to start lowering insurance rates. Although the effects will not show up immediately, over time they will start to lower the rates for the rider because they have built up a record of good driving habits. However, even a single accident can shoot rates skyward as a result.

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More ways to save on premium…

There are other ways to help lower the rates for motorcycle insurance for 16 year old riders, including carrying at least a “B” grade average in school, taking safety driving courses, limiting the time on the bike and increasing the deductible. All of these measures may lower the rates that otherwise will have to be paid. We have already discussed about the factors that are taken into account while determining the motorcycle insurance rates and you can read them here.

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