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When it comes to saving money on insurance costs, one of the best ways for those who only ride motorcycles during certain times of the year is to purchase seasonal motorcycle insurance.

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What is Motorcycle Insurance for Seasonal Riders?

Essentially, this is insurance for those who only ride their motorcycles during the warm months of the year. This type of insurance is particularly popular in northern areas of the country where the harsh winter months make riding a motorcycle uncomfortable and even dangerous.

Generally speaking, this type of insurance covers a six-month period from the beginning of April to the end of September, although there are policies that will cover longer or shorter periods of time depending on the company that issues the coverage.

Types of Policies:

In essence, seasonal coverage still offers many of the same types of insurance as regular, year-long policies such as comprehensive, collision, liability, uninsured drivers, and so forth. However, the difference is that during the winter when the bike is not in use, the insurance involving being out on the road would not be in effect.

To help save money, riders can choose the minimum coverage required by the state which is often a liability, and uninsured motorists. Comprehensive and collision coverage tends to be much higher by 30% or more because it covers the bike regardless of who is at fault for the damage. However, if a loan was needed to secure the purchase of the motorcycle, then comprehensive coverage may be demanded by the lender.

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Advantages of Seasonal Coverage:

There are several benefits to having this type of motorcycle insurance, particularly if you live in a location where winter weather conditions make riding your bike difficult or uncomfortable. However, this insurance is also useful for those in any part of the country who only enjoy riding their motorcycle during the summer months.

No Wasted Coverage: In this manner, you are not paying for motorcycle insurance that is not going to be used during the times of the year when your bike stays in the garage. However, you may want to pay for theft protection which is sometimes a rider on this type of coverage.

Affordable: For many, this is the type of affordable seasonal motorcycle insurance that works well for their needs. In essence, owners are not paying during the times in which their bike is considered non-operational which means that they can save up to 50% compared to full-year motorcycle insurance depending on the type of coverage chosen and whether any non-operational coverage like theft protection is in place.

Perfect for Young Motorcycle Riders: Motorcycle insurance for young riders of 19 years or under can be quite expensive and if the bike is only going to be used during a certain time of the year, it can really pay to go with a seasonal form of insurance.

It must be noted that if for some reason the bike does need to be operated in the winter months then temporary motorcycle coverage can be obtained rather quickly and usually from the same insurance company.

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