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Thanks to their emergence on the roadways in the United States, it is now easier than ever to get moped insurance coverage. Learn about the factors that are taken into account by insurance providers while determining the premium.

Do Mopeds Need Insurance?

While states may only require a minimal amount of coverage, it is still important to protect your investment with the right insurance plan. Learn more about moped insurance and policy details here.

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The Factors that Determine Moped Insurance Premium:

There are a number of factor that will determine the premium for your moped starting with the value of the vehicle itself. Generally speaking, mopeds are considerably less expensive than cars, trucks and motorcycles, so the comparative coverage level will be less. If you are aware about the determining factors then you can take steps to reduce the premium up to some extent. Let’s discuss the factors that affect motorcycle insurance premiums.

Engine Size: The more powerful the engine, the faster the model will travel and thus the rates for coverage will be higher. The simple reason is that speed is a big factor in whether the moped and the rider will get injured in an accident.

Medical: This is coverage in case you are injured in an accident involving your moped. Generally speaking, the greater the medical coverage, the higher the cost of the premiums so to keep the rates reasonable there must be a balance involved in how much medical coverage to receive. If you already have health insurance, the medical coverage you select might be enough to cover the deductible if you so choose.

Liability: This is coverage in case you injure another person and/or property while riding your moped. In states that have mandatory insurance laws, this is usually the minimum coverage that is required.

These are the three major factors when it comes to how much your insurance premiums will be. However, there are other factors that may come into play that could affect your rates.

Anti-Theft Devices: Mopeds are popular targets for thieves, so having devices that help prevent thefts can reduce the amount you pay on your insurance. In addition, keeping your moped locked in the garage when not in use may be another factor that could have a positive effect on the rates.

Low Mileage: If you drive under a certain amount of miles per week or month, you may qualify for having lower premiums for your insurance coverage. You will need to consult with your insurance company to see what the amount of miles is so that you can qualify for this discount.

Experience: Generally speaking, the longer that you have driven your moped, the less your premiums will be assuming that you have kept a good driving record. Included as part of this is how old you are as well. Statistics have shown that older drivers are less likely to get into accidents than teenagers and the elderly. Adding your experience to your age may results in lower premium rates.

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Location: Finally, if you live in an area that has statistically more accidents than the average, then you may be paying higher insurance premiums. While there is very little that you can do about this unless you move, it is important t know that this may happen to you in terms of your moped insurance coverage.

These are some of the basic factors which are usually looked after before calculating the moped insurance premium. You might need to ask the particular provider for more details about this.


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