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For young motorcycle drivers, the cost of insurance premiums is considerably higher than those who have reached the age of 26. In fact, motorcycle insurance for 18-year-teens is arguably the highest of any age group that can own and drives a bike. There are several reasons why insurance companies charge such a high amount, but it is mostly due to the underdeveloped driving skills that make teens more likely to be involved in accidents.

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How to Improve Your Driving Skill & Lower Insurance Premiums?

Teens Riding MotorcycleImproving your driving skill means more than just lowering the cost of motorcycle insurance for young drivers, it means developing the skills necessary to avoid accidents. While not every accident can be avoided, the chances of being in one will be significantly reduced if you follow these simple tips.

Buy a Lower-Powered Bike: Generally speaking, motorcycles with engines of 125cc or less are cheaper to insure simply because they are involved in fewer accidents than their larger counterparts. Plus, such bikes are generally easier to handle and better suited for younger drivers.

Wear Appropriate Gear: Although many states do not have requirements that you wear a helmet and pads, doing so will help protect your life in the case of an accident. A helmet alone protects your head from fractures and impacts that otherwise would cause major damage. Plus, many insurance companies offer a discount for riders who wear helmets.

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Take a Driving Safety Course: Taking a driving safety course that is recognized by the insurance company may mean a discount of 5% to 15%. This type, of course, is designed to develop the skills of young drivers in particular and make them aware of the different rules and regulations that they will face on the road. Plus, it provides practical training to help them avoid accidents which will lower the motorcycle insurance cost for young drivers.

Stay under the Speed Limit: This will do two things, you will have more reaction time in case an unexpected occurrence forces you to brake or turn and it will lower the chance of getting speeding tickets which jack up your insurance premiums.

Tips for Finding the Right Motorcycle Insurance Coverage:

To get affordable motorcycle insurance for teens, you will need to find the right type of coverage that is best suited for your needs.

State Minimum Coverage: In most states, this means liability combined with an uninsured motorist that protects the person and bike that was involved in an accident, but was not at fault. This coverage is far cheaper than comprehensive but is only for those who own their motorcycles outright.

Higher Deductible: To have a higher deductible means lower premiums, but you’ll need more money out of pocket in case an accident occurs.

Bundling: For teens who also own a vehicle, putting the two together under one insurance company may result in a discount of up to 15% or more depending on the insurance company.

These tips to find decent motorcycle coverage will help you drive better and ensure that each trip you take on your bike will be as safe as possible while still enjoying the ride.

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