How to Get Short Term Motorcycle Insurance for Non-US Residents?

For tourists who are visiting the US, the ability to obtain short term motorcycle insurance will allow them to rent, purchase, or bring in their bike for traveling purposes.  Motorcycle insurance is required in almost all 50 states and is highly recommended as it protects you, your bike, and others involved in an accident that you might cause.

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This form of insurance is commonplace and for many insurance companies, they have experience with providing foreign nationals with short term motorbike insurance. Keep in mind that already having insurance that is valid in your home country will not translate to the US. Plus, if you are bringing your bike, Customs will not release it unless it has proof of insurance for the US.

How to Obtain Temporary Bike Insurance?

Non-US Citizens Temporary Motorcycle Insurance

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You obtain coverage in the same basic manner that US citizens get insurance for their motorcycles and mopeds.

The coverage itself will depend on your needs, but it must meet the minimum state requirements. In such cases, this means that your insurance must include liability which covers others in an accident that you may have caused.

Some states also require uninsured motorist as well which covers you in the case of a collision with someone without insurance. Besides, if you purchased the bike with a loan the insurance will need to be more substantial than the liability as the motorcycle itself will need to be protected.

You can also choose to have a collision, roadside assistance, theft, fire, vandalism, passenger, and accessories covered by the insurance as well. Most insurance companies offer temporary coverage for foreign nationals for motorcycles; you can shop around with us to see which one is best suited for your needs.

Qualifications for Temporary Motorcycle Insurance:

In order to fully qualify for temporary bike insurance for Non-US citizens, you will need to meet the following requirements;

  • Valid Driver’s License
  • 18 Years of Age or Above
  • Citizen of a Country other than the US or Canada
  • Not a Permanent Resident of the US or Canada
  • Proof of Ownership of Motorcycle (if applicable)

If you meet the above qualifications, you can purchase a short or temporary moped insurance from many insurance companies. Keep in mind that if you are renting a motorcycle for a week or two, the renting agency may offer coverage through their services. Otherwise, if you are bringing your bike or purchasing one in the US, you’ll need to get coverage through an established insurance agency.

What you pay in terms of your motorcycle coverage will depend on some factors that include your age, driving record, type of motorcycle, bike, or moped, state requirements, the amount of coverage, and so forth. Generally speaking, many insurance companies will offer a package or set-length of insurance that will cover a pre-set amount of time.

So for example, if you plan on being in the US with your motorcycle for three weeks, you may be able to purchase a month’s worth of coverage.

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