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Your motorcycle represents a significant investment which is why having insurance is important in case of an accident. However, even those with excellent coverage may find that their motorcycle insurance claim will be denied under certain circumstances. It is important to understand that your motorcycle insurance coverage is predicated on statistical factors as well as specific policies that may result in a denial of your claim.

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It is important to remember that the more information that you can provide, the better the chances of having your claim approved. For example, when an accident occurs, you should document the damage as quickly as practical so that there is a visual record of what happened to your motorcycle.

When is a Motorcycle Insurance Claim Denied?

Before you file a motorcycle insurance claim, you should be aware of the factors that may cause it to be denied so that you can be prepared. Let’s find out some top reasons why your motorcycle insurance claim could be denied by the provider.

Your Fault: Arguably the most common reason a motorbike insurance claim is denied is that the accident has been deemed your fault. Remember, anything that you say about the accident may add weight to whether you are at fault to a greater degree or not. So, make sure to only stick to the facts and do not suggest that you had a larger role in the accident than you did.

Wrong Coverage: Another common reason why your bike insurance claim was denied is that the policy you own does not cover what happened. For example, if you only have liability and you hit an animal with your motorcycle, your policy does not allow you to make a claim.

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Insufficient Coverage: Here, you may have the right type of coverage, but simply not enough to complete the repairs or pay the expenses that are necessary.

Listed Restrictions: Your policy may have specific restrictions that are listed in the fine print. You should go over the coverage with your insurance agent to understand if there is something specific that is not covered.

How to Overcome Denial of Coverage Claim?

If you find that the motorcycle insurance claim is denied, you still have options to try and overturn their decision. The first step should be to talk to your agent about the claims process and why your coverage was denied. If you feel that an error was made on their part, you can always file an appeal with the insurance company to have them look at the claim again.

If your claim is denied again and you believe that the insurance company is still in error, then you may want to see a lawyer who is skilled in this type of case. Many lawyers will offer a free consultation so that you can go over the claim with them and fill in the details of why it was denied. The lawyer will evaluate the case and advise you on what is needed to proceed.

Having your claim denied does not mean you have to end your efforts in receiving what you believe is due. However, you should always remember to fully document the evidence and find out exactly why your claim was denied in order to proceed.

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