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If you have a dropped motorcycle insurance claim to process, you might wonder if the policy will cover damages to your bike. The answer is: it depends.

The first step of this process is determining what insurance coverage is available for your motorcycle. Riders with only liability coverage will not likely have any protection if they lay down their bikes unless someone else forces them into that situation.

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You would need comprehensive or collision coverage to ensure you could file a claim if you drop your bike.

Other issues to consider may involve how much damage there is to the motorcycle and the policy’s deductible. You should also immediately¬†inspect the bike after a dropping to learn how much damage is caused.

What If My Friend Is the Person Who Dropped My Bike?

Even though your insured friend might be the person who dropped your motorcycle, your insurance coverage will handle the incident.

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The liability portion of your insurance pays for any damage your friend might have done to another vehicle or property during the incident. Collision coverage would handle the damages to the bike unless vandalism or a weather-related incident knocked it over. That’s when comprehensive insurance is needed.

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Your insurance is responsible for this situation because you allowed another person to operate the vehicle. That means you’re also responsible for the deductible, and there is a chance that your premiums could rise.

After the insurance settlement is finalized, you could pursue your friend for monetary damages for what you had to pay because of their actions. This process is usually held in small claims court through a filed lawsuit, but you could also choose arbitration or another means of settlement.

How to File a Dropped Motorcycle Insurance Claim?

The claim process is unique to each insurance company. You’ll find the procedures outlined in your policy if you have qualifying damages from laying down a motorcycle.

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The problem with filing a claim is that it might not be worthwhile. If you only have surface damage to your motorcycle, the repair cost could be less than the policy’s deductible. That means you’d still pay for everything out of pocket while also running the risk of a higher premium.

Most adjusters look at this issue like a collision unless you report that an unknown entity tipped your bike over. In that case, it would likely be treated as a comprehensive insurance issue.

If you need to make a dropped motorcycle insurance claim because the damage is extensive, you’ll want to take the following steps to prepare the documentation before submitting it.

  1. Take as many pictures of the motorcycle and the accident scene as possible before anything moves. Don’t forget about road gouges, tire marks, and any conditions leading to the bike dropping.
  2. Ask to see the driver’s license of any operators involved in the incident. It helps to take a picture of each person’s ID and take notes of names, addresses, and license numbers.
  3. Document the license plate numbers of the vehicles involved.
  4. Request proof of insurance, especially if someone else caused you to tip over because of their actions.
  5. If anyone witnessed the accident, ask for their contact information. Your lawyer might need to contact them later.
  6. When the police arrive, ask for the officer’s card and the report number for the accident.
  7. Any injuries should receive medical attention, even if the problem seems insignificant.

A dropped motorcycle claim might not be possible if you only carry liability insurance. With full coverage, your deductible and the total damage will determine if it is worth filing a claim.

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