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Temporary Motorcycle Insurance for 1 month, 6 month, 1 day, Summer, Short PeriodThere are times when you only need temporary motorcycle insurance to cover special circumstances with your bike. Getting such insurance is actually quite common as there is a myriad of reasons why people only need insurance for a specific period of time.

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So, when you ask the question of can I get temporary motorbike insurance? The answer is not only “yes”, but you can even choose from selected periods of time.

Motorcycle Insurance for 1 Month

Most people get this type of insurance so that they can try out their new bike and see if it is right for them. A month allows for enough time to take the bike out and experience it under different environmental conditions and see if it is right for them. Another reason is if you are taking a long trip or perhaps a vacation and need coverage when driving your motorcycle during this period of time.

Vacationers from other countries often take out two weeks to one-month policies to cover their travels as well.

The cost of 1-month insurance does vary depending on a number of factors, but it generally is a one-payment type of insurance that provides for 30-day coverage.

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Motorcycle Insurance for 6 Months

There are several reasons why people choose this time period for coverage. One of the most popular is for those who want motorcycle insurance for spring, summer, and early fall months when the weather is better suited for riding. Of course, there are other reasons such as foreign travelers who want coverage for their stay in the US. Plus, vacationers who only take their motorcycles out for certain periods of time when they decide to take long trips.

The cost for such insurance is generally slightly above that for six months of standard insurance, but it only applies to the designated 6-month time frame.

Motorcycle Insurance for the Summer

Again, many people choose this type of coverage if they live in environmental conditions that make the fall, winter, and spring too cold to ride their motorcycles. Having this type of insurance for a few months is often inexpensive as compared to full coverage and can be combined with year-round theft insurance to protect the bike while in storage.

The cost for such insurance will vary, but generally speaking, the premiums are the same as for year-round coverage, but they only go into effect during the months that the motorcycle is being driven.

Motorcycle Insurance for 1 Day

This type of very short-term motorcycle insurance is usually reserved for those who are renting a motorcycle for a few hours. There are many reasons why someone would have this type of coverage, but for the most part, rental companies may provide it as part of their package of services or it can be obtained independently. You may also consider pay as you go insurance which stays active as long as you keep paying the premiums.

In any event, there are temporary motorcycle insurance policies designed to cover for a pre-set period of time that will meet your particular needs.

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