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Dirt bike insurance policies are very affordable. This coverage provides an effective way to protect your equipment whenever you head out for an adventure.

Dirt bikes are not required to carry insurance in each state. Since this vehicle isn’t considered street-legal, you have several options.

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If your dirt bike is street-legal, it will fall under the standard motorcycle insurance requirements.

What Does Dirt Bike Insurance Cover?

When you purchase dirt bike insurance, you receive coverage for the following standard issues.

  • Theft Protection: Since a dirt bike isn’t registered, tracking if someone steals it is challenging. You can select coverages that protect against this issue, even when hauling it on a trailer.
  • Storage Damage: Whether your garage catches on fire or snow comes through the shed and ruins the equipment, dirt bike insurance provides extra protection.
  • Customized Needs: You can add comprehensive, collision, and roadside assistance coverage to your dirt bike policy.

If you treat your dirt bike more like a motorcycle than an off-roading machine, protecting it with an appropriate insurance policy makes sense. Here are some of the policies you can take a look at.

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What If I Don’t Take My Dirt Bike on the Road?

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It is optional in five states to carry dirt bike insurance, even if you drive it on the road: Washington, Texas, New Hampshire, Montana, and Florida.

If you only drive your dirt bike on trails or private property, carrying an insurance policy to operate it legally is unnecessary. Some exceptions apply, especially on government-owned land. Private property owners can also require it.

Here are some other scenarios where dirt bike insurance might not be necessary.

  • The dirt bike costs less than what it would cost to ensure it for a year.
  • You don’t ride with others and store your dirt bike in a secure facility.
  • Your off-roading activities are low-risk adventures where accidents are unlikely.

You will be responsible for any repairs or damage if you don’t buy dirt bike insurance. That includes anything that happens to another person’s property. Should that feel like too much risk, you’ll find that protecting yourself against unexpected circumstances is quite affordable.

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