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Moped insurance coverage depends on the individual policy. If you have liability insurance, you’ll have protection from certain damages when you’re at fault for causing them.

Comprehensive insurance covers issues like vandalism, theft, and weather damage. If you store a moped for an extended time, this addition to your policy protects against unexpected damage.

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With collision insurance, it doesn’t matter who causes the damage to your moped. You can file a claim to have repairs after an approved mechanic provides an estimate.

What Are My Moped Insurance Options Today?

Moped owners’ three primary coverage choices are liability, comprehensive, and collision insurance.

  1. Liability insurance protects you from paying damages when you are legally responsible for causing them. This coverage can pay for medical bills, equipment repair, property restoration, and loss of income up to the coverage limit on your policy. It includes guest passengers and may provide legal defense assistance if you’re sued because of an accident.
  2. Comprehensive pays for damages to the moped when weather events, vandalism, or collisions with animals occur. You will need this policy to protect your investment from theft. If a claim is considered valid, you must pay the deductible amount.
  3. Collision coverage pays for damage to your vehicle, no matter who is responsible. You can hit another object, such as a concrete median, and file a claim to cover the cost of the repair. Some policies include moped safety apparel, clothing, and helmets worn to protect against injury.

Because a moped is typically a low-cost vehicle, you must balance the cost of insuring it each year with what you’d pay out-of-pocket for certain repairs or losses. Liability insurance is usually necessary or recommended for driving on public roads to reduce potential financial complications if an accident occurs.

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Additional Moped Insurance Options to Review

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Although liability, comprehensive, and collision insurance are the three most common coverage options that moped drivers use, additional options are available in some states.

Medical payment coverage is the most common choice in this category. It can pay for medical expenses or funeral costs up to the coverage limits on the policy. This insurance protects passengers, doesn’t review faults, and could provide benefits if you’re injured as a pedestrian by another vehicle.

Underinsured or uninsured motorist insurance protects your moped if you’re hit by someone else and that person doesn’t have enough (or any) coverage. It reimburses for income loss, medical expenses, and other qualifying damages.

OEM endorsements from insurers specify the parts for your moped when repairs are necessary. This option is typically included in comprehensive or collision claims, offering an approach that lets you restore the vehicle while keeping your overall costs low.

Some moped insurance policies include roadside assistance at no charge, while others have it as an add-on with a nominal fee. You’d receive emergency help around the clock with tire changes, restarts, fuel deliveries, or towing.

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Moped insurance options protect your finances from unexpected circumstances. It’s worth requesting a quote if you drive on public roads to compare the cost of operating with and without it.

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