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Track bikes require insurance if you plan to have some financial safeguarding for your activities. Since these events often cause collisions and damage, most of today’s carriers stay away from offering policies.

If you plan for a day at the track, you can work with a specialty provider that delivers the exact protections needed for competition day.

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There are some exceptions where it might be feasible to receive coverage without needing to work with a boutique agency or insurance specialist. Working with a standard insurer like GEICO or Progressive might be possible if you race bikes in educational settings, teach motorcycle riding skills, or compete in non-timed events.

Some companies offer general motorsport or motocross policy that covers track bikes. If you compete in a timed event, you’ll need to review the terms and conditions of the coverage to ensure you have what you need for the event.

Is Track Bike Insurance Required?

Unless local rules or regulations state otherwise, you are not legally required to carry motorcycle insurance for competition track bikes. Since they’re not operated on public roads, you can avoid the expense of having coverage for regular driving activities.

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Events often require riders to prove they have liability insurance or coverage for unexpected damage. You might pay entry fees to have the competition’s policy cover you for the time you’re there. It always helps to call ahead or ask the tournament or event director what to expect if you want to protect your finances.

What Are the Best Track Bike Insurance Options?

When track bike or competition insurance is available, the policy might include any or all of the following options.

  1. Excess liability coverage protects the rider from court cases if an incident’s expenses exceed the general liability policy’s limits.
  2. Transportation and logistics insurance works to keep your track bike safe when moving it to or from the track.
  3. International events might be an exclusion for some competition insurance coverage options. If you race outside the United States, you’ll need to review the policy terms to ensure you can safely compete.
  4. Comprehensive coverage protects your bike from theft, flooding, fire, and other forms of non-collision damage.

Consider how you use your equipment when shopping for the best track insurance options. With that information, it becomes much easier to tailor a policy that protects in ways that make the most sense.

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