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Having a track day can be lots of fun! Even if you’re not a racer, you can use some time on the open track to test the boundaries of your bike or develop riding skills.

Taking your track bike out for a spin helps to have a few things packed to ensure your good time isn’t prematurely stopped.

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Here are the best items to take with you to ensure a great experience is possible.

Get Yourself a Tire Gauge

Tire pressure readings are necessary to ensure your setup is appropriate for the track.

Most locations have vendors or officials who can let you know the best readings to enhance your bike’s performance.

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If the air pressure is off in your tires, the bike can be too tight or loose for the conditions. It’ll be harder to control what you’re trying to accomplish.

Find Some Gauntlet Gloves

You’ll need some for your next track day when you don’t have a pair of these gloves. The best ones should feel comfortable and supportive of your hands while providing the grip needed to pull off the moves you want to try.

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Tire Warmers Are Next Level

Taking your track bike out for a day of riding almost anywhere is fun. When you take a spin on cold tires, the outcomes aren’t always what you expect. That’s why it helps to have a set of tire warmers to use to get the rubber ready to meet the road.

Even a single set is better than nothing. You can also plan for different conditions, including cold, intermediate, and warm weather track days.
You’ll need stands to put the warmers on the bike.

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Lap Timers for Racers

Once you experience the fun of a track day, it helps to start collecting data that lets you know where to improve. A timer is the best option to see your progression on the bike. Although a stopwatch is technically usable, the right tool will let you set and know your pace while achieving specific goals.

Tank Grip for the Legs

Track bikes force you to engage your core to maximize control and speed. When hanging off a turn, this essential item lets you stay in control while taking pressure off the handlebars. It takes a little time to get the technique right, but that’s why you’re head out there!


Proper track day insurance coverage is always advisable if you want some financial safeguarding.

A track day is lots of fun when you have all the proper essentials for the experience you want to create for yourself. Grab these items, bring a few snacks, and be prepared to have a great time!

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Mike Navarette has more than a decade of experience in the auto insurance industry, but that's not his true passion. He loves getting on a motorcycle to explore roads he's never traveled. You'll find Mike in the garage working on something when he isn't helping clients or leaning into curves. It's sometimes a side hustle, more often a favor, but it keeps his hands busy doing something productive. Since the first time his father strapped on his helmet and took him for a ride, Mike has loved bikes. That passion, along with a desire to help others through a deep understanding of insurance policies, led to the creation of Motorcycle Ride Coverage.

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