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Progressive vs. GEICO is an ongoing debate for multiple insurance needs. These companies provide comprehensive policies for homes, vehicles, and properties.

If you ride a motorcycle, you’ve likely seen that GEICO and Progressive both offer motorcycle insurance.

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Which company provides better coverage? Does one offer better prices than the other?

What Are the Benefits of Progressive and GEICO?

Motorcycle insurance must be a custom process. The way you ride your bike is different than everyone else, even if there are multiple similarities.

That’s why you must request a quote whenever you need a new policy. The insurer will consider those personal circumstances, develop a risk profile, and provide a rate for you to review.

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If you’re considering Progressive vs. GEICO, it is important to take a closer look at the benefits each insurer offers for motorcyclists.

Benefits of GEICO
Benefits of Progressive
GEICO provides several affordable minimum motorcycle insurance plans. There is something available for almost everyone with this company.
Several riders are available for each policy, including custom parts, accident forgiveness, and roadside assistance.
The online site offers a live chat feature if you have the policy to ensure your questions or concerns are quickly addressed.
Several online resources and tools are available to ensure your motorcycle coverage protects your assets.
Discounts are available for federal employees, military personnel, and others to keep costs low.
More options are available for SR-22 motorcyclists and high-risk riders.

GEICO tends to be the best insurer for young riders because of the multiple discounts available. You can get 10% off your policy if you complete a certified safety course.

Progressive is an excellent choice for riders with custom bikes. The policies offer coverage for full replacement costs, ensuring that your aftermarket add-ons are restorable to their previous condition if you have a valid claim. There isn’t a deduction for depreciation included.

What Are the Disadvantages of Progressive and GEICO?

For every benefit riders can find with a specific insurer, there are potential disadvantages that can impact the cost or quality of a policy’s coverage.

When looking at Progressive vs. GEICO, these specific points are the ones to review carefully before selecting one provider over the other.

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Disadvantages of GEICO
Disadvantages of Progressive
The coverage options from GEICO tend to be limited in scope and quality.
Policies are more expensive than other insurers when no discounts apply to the coverage.
Fewer discounts are available for motorcycle insurance policies compared to their automotive choices.
Some coverages, deals, and add-ons are unavailable across the United States. Each state has specific options to review.
Insurance pricing with full coverage (comp/collision/liability) is comparable to some automotive rates, especially for motorcyclists under 25.
Some of the claim options are not available to motorcyclists, even though they are to those who own cars.

GEICO typically offers a cheaper rate and slightly better customer service ratings. Progressive provides more options for high-risk riders and usage-based needs.

Before choosing one over the other, it helps to get a free quote from each to determine the rates based on your unique circumstances. You’ll need the VIN or motorcycle make and model to start that process.

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