Types of Security Devices for Motorcycles

To help reduce the insurance premiums you pay for protecting your motorcycle, securing the bike is one of the most popular methods. The insurance providers check what steps you take to prevent your bike from stolen. Your motorcycle should be protected with sophisticated security systems. With sufficient security devices installed, you can get decent discounts from the provider.

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What follows are five different types of security devices for bikes that may substantially reduce the premiums you pay on comprehensive and theft insurance.

Insurance Provider is Available with Security Devices Installed in BikeLocks: The standard form of protection, a lock is generally a small device that wraps around the brake pad or other location on the motorcycle for the purposes of immobilization. Bike locks are crafted from tool steel which makes them difficult to remove without having the key or combination. The advantage of standard locks is that they are small and easy to carry and provide an obvious deterrence. However, with the right cutting tools a thief can chop through any lock if they have the time.

Cables: This form of protection is similar to a chain and padlock except this is an all-in-one device. The cable wraps around the body of the bike and an immovable object. The locking device may use a key or combination. Quite often, the cable is covered with a hard substance which makes cutting tools less effective. However, cables can be cut and they also can be heavy and difficult to carry around.

Alarms: This is one of the most common forms of security protection for motorcycles as it is easy to install and it will react to your motorcycle being started or just moved from its position. You can find a number of different alarm brands that offer various features such as tilt sensors, remote control and the like. However, if there is an issue with alarms, it is that they may go off when the bike is not being threatened. Just like car alarms, many motorcycle alarms may be ignored by others if you are out of ear shot and your bike is stolen.

Immobilizers: An immobilizer is a device that prevents the motorcycle from functioning until the proper code or key is entered. Essentially, this means that the motorcycle is useless as a transportation device until the immobilizer is overcome. Immobilizers are generally small, easy to carry and are very effective in preventing the quick theft situations. However, immobilizers do not prevent a bike from being picked up and placed into the back of a truck, so it is not effective under all circumstances and generally needs the support of an alarm system for better protection.

Chains and Padlock: This is arguably the most traditional method of preventing the theft of your motorcycle. The chain or cable wraps around the body of the bike and a solid, immovable object such as a street lamppost and is secured with a padlock. This form of protection is generally very inexpensive and can dissuade a thief who is not prepared to do more than jump on the bike and take off. However, this form of protection is arguably among the worst types of security devices for motorcycle because the chain or cable can easily be cut with the right tool and removed in seconds.

Finding the right motorcycle anti theft device starts with checking with your insurance company to see which one will provide a discount. After that, you will need to employ the device or devices each and every time you park your bike. So, installing security devices in bikes can be considered as an investment for getting discounts from insurance provider.

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