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One of the most common incidents that will occur with motorcycles is theft. Unlike cars and trucks, which can be challenging to move without anti-theft protection, motorcycles are relatively easy to steal.

Because of their relatively low weight and size, it’s fairly simple for a group of thieves to grab and toss a motorcycle into a van or truck and take off in seconds.

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Understanding how to prevent motorcycle theft will help keep your bike safe and lower your bike insurance rates if you use the right preventative measures. Here are some tips to prevent motorcycle theft that will help secure your bike and turn away potential thieves.

Effective Motorcycle Theft Prevention:

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Keep your Motorcycle in a Locked Garage: This is one of the simplest and easiest ways to prevent theft from occurring. By keeping your motorcycle in the garage, you are not only putting three walls and a large, secure door between the bike and potential thieves but also keeping it out of sight. Thieves cannot take your motorcycle if they don’t know you have one.

Install an Anti-Theft System: This system prevents the motorcycle from being used by anyone except for the person with the right key or ignition starter. Such a system may shut down the bike totally, set off an alarm, or do both. While this may not dissuade a determined thief, the sight of an anti-theft system will turn away those looking for an easy target.

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Use Two Different Locks: Plenty of locks are available for motorcycles, but using two may provide a real advantage as most thieves are usually only prepared to deal with one. While having two locks does cost extra and takes more time to secure your bike, those few extra seconds can be worth it as your motorcycle will look far less vulnerable.

Install a Kill Switch: This is sneaky, but a kill switch can really foil most thieves unprepared for such a device. Plus, you can simply remove the main fuse, which will also kill the ignition.

Park in the Light: Thieves do not like to be seen when stealing a motorcycle, so if you can park it under a street lamp, the world can see it is there. You may have to walk a little further, but it can pay off, as thieves usually go for the bikes parked in darker places.

How Theft Prevention Lowers Insurance Rates?

Insurance companies understand that theft is one of the biggest statistical risks to motorcycle owners, so the more protections you put into place, the lower your premiums will be. Be sure to check with your insurance company as to what tips to prevent motorcycle theft will lower the rates. In this manner, you can keep your motorcycle and pay less for having it insured.

Here you can read about all other factors providers consider while determining motorcycle insurance premiums.

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All in all, having the proper protection for your motorcycle will lower your rates and help keep your bike from being taken. Considering the low cost of some of these anti-theft measures, it can be well worth keeping your motorcycle where it belongs.

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