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When the winter months arrive, motorcyclists face a choice. Do they continue riding, or is it time to store the bike for the season?

If you live in a northern climate where temperatures dip below freezing for days or weeks, it might be cheaper to buy seasonal insurance. This option lets you maintain full coverage for a financed motorcycle while keeping your expenses lower since you’re not using the bike.

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Riders in a warmer climate might have a short off-season where it’s tempting to cancel the policy for a month or two before restarting the coverage. This technique only saves money in the short run.

If you have an off-season for your riding activities, here are some ways to save money on your insurance.

1. Increase Your Deductible

Some insurers allow you to carry a $1,000 or higher deductible for comprehensive and collision insurance during the off-season. You’d pay that amount if a qualifying claim received a payout. Your costs are lower because you assume more risks in that scenario. Learn here how the deductible works.

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2. Eliminate Sunny Day Stipulations

Get a Temporary Coverage for Your Bike When on Tour

If your insurance policy provides a stipulation for riding the motorcycle on a nice day during the off-season, ask your agent or broker if this option is removable. You won’t be able to ride, but the costs could be lower in return.

3. Ask for Seasonal Insurance

Since the motorcycle isn’t on the road, the insurance company faces fewer risks. It’s harder to file a claim when the bike is locked in storage! If your current policy doesn’t offer a seasonal change, ask for a new quote with your current provider or consider switching to a different insurer that provides this option.

4. Reduce Your Coverage

If your motorcycle isn’t financed, consider dropping the liability and collision portions of your insurance coverage if your bike will be in storage for 90 days or more. You’ll need comprehensive protection to cover situations where fires, flooding, or similar forms of damage occur. It’s always better to carry as much insurance as possible to protect your interests, but this option is worth considering in some situations.

5. Ask for Storage Insurance

Some insurers provide coverage for stored motorcycles instead of providing a seasonal policy. This option is called “layup insurance” in some states. It suspends your coverage to a comprehensive-only plan until you’re ready to get on the road again. If you ride your bike with this policy, you won’t have the necessary liability insurance to comply with state laws.

6. Shop Around

Even if you’ve been with your current motorcycle insurance provider for several years, a different company could offer a better rate. It’s a good idea to shop for new quotes every year or two to ensure you’re getting a great price. The changing of the seasons is an excellent time to start the comparison process.

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If you cancel motorcycle insurance during the winter, your current rates are not guaranteed for the following year. With seasonal coverage, you can reduce costs without significantly disrupting your overall protection.

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