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When getting M1 motorcycle insurance, the first step is obtaining the M1 license necessary in the state of California. This article will help you to learn more about getting affordable motorcycle insurance with an M1 license in California.

How to Get an M1 Motorcycle License in California?

In California, there are two types or classes of motorcycle licenses, M1 and M2, which you can apply for. The M1 motorcycle license allows you to ride any type of motorcycle with an attached motor or any motorized scooter. The M2 is more restricted as you are limited to a motorized bicycle, moped, or scooter.

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To obtain your M1 license, you must visit your nearest California DMV office and complete the following tasks.

  • Fill out the Driver’s License or ID Card Application (Form DL 44)
  • Show Proof of Your Identity
  • Pass the Written Test for California Motorcycle Drivers
  • Pass a Motorcycle Skills Test or Basic Rider Course
  • Pay the $33 Endorsement/Motorcycle License Fee

You will start by filling out the DL 44 form, which you can do at the DMV or home if you request it over the internet. In any case, once you fill out and complete Form DL 44, you will turn it in to the DMV office. In addition, you’ll need to pass the vision test and show proof of identity, which generally means a birth certificate or other recognized form of identification.

Once completed, you will now take the written M1 motorcycle test for California motorcycle drivers if you have not taken and passed one in the preceding year. Once you have completed and passed the written test, the next step is passing the skills test or basic rider course, demonstrating your motorcycle abilities.

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When that is passed, you must pay the $33 license or endorsement fee, and you will be presented with an M1 motorcycle license.

Motorcycle Insurance with M1 License:

Once you have completed the tests and received your license, the next step is getting motorcycle insurance for M1 drivers. Most, if not virtually all, insurance companies have motorcycle insurance for drivers with M1 licenses, so finding a policy that best suits your needs should be relatively simple.

The M1 motorcycle insurance cost will be based on several factors: your age, driving experience, gender, and whether you need full or comprehensive coverage or the state minimum for California. Learn more about the factors that determine motorcycle insurance.

The minimal amount of insurance required in California includes the following;

  • Individual Injury/Death Coverage: $15,000
  • Total Injury/Death Coverage: $30,000
  • Property Damage Coverage: $5,000

What you pay in terms of M1 motorcycle insurance cost may range from a few hundred dollars to $1,000 or more per year, depending on several factors.

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To find motorcycle insurance with an M1 license, you will want to look for a free quote from several insurance companies and choose the one that best suits your needs. Motorcycle insurance with an M1 license is fairly easy to find, but you’ll have to get the right one.

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