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Dirt bikes are not only great fun they are powerful machines that can really take on the terrain. However, to improve dirt bike performance you’ll need to add the right type of modifications in order to really enjoy the results. The good news is that a performance upgrade dirt bike can be accomplished without a big investment.

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Naturally, you’ll need to start with the basics which begin with a dirt bike performance tune up to ensure that your engine is running at its full potential. Next, you’ll need to get the right tires and lower the weight of the bike while still retaining all of its safety features.

What follows are a few more tips that will help to improve the overall performance of your dirt bike so that you can get the most out of your machine.

Higher Octane Fuel:

The easiest way to increase dirt bike performance is to put a higher octane fuel in the tank. The higher the octane level, the greater the power that can be produced thanks to added hydrocarbons and oxygenents. You can add up to three horsepower on a 450 engine or up to two more horsepower on a 250 engine.

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Better Compression:

Another simple way to get more power and increase dirt bike performance is upping the compression ratio. If you have a two-stroke engine, then you’ll need to mill the head while a four stroke engine will need a higher dome and a piston. Basically, by pushing the compression your dirt bike will get a greater punch while sacrificing a bit at the top end of its performance. Of course, raising the compression will require the use of higher octane gasoline.

Higher Flow Porting:

With a four stroke engine, you can do the porting on the head itself since there are no ports along the cylinder wall in this type of engine. You’ll need a flow-bench for doing the modifications on your four stroke engine as it will measure the vacuum level needed to draw the air out of the intake port and the exhaust flange. By porting and then polishing the interior of the four stroke cylinder heads, you can increase the overall flow rate and create a really high performance dirt bike.

New Camshafts:

Spending a little more money will get you some high performance camshafts that will open up the valves earlier and keep them open longer. In this manner, the work of the camshafts is done when the engine power is at its greatest. Plus, the power itself is delivered in a slightly different manner, but it will provide a greater boost to the performance of the bike itself.

Better Exhaust:

To really improve dirt bike performance, you’ll need to ensure that the exhaust system is opened up for better air flow. A titanium system is expensive, but it will provide the extra impact needed to really boost the overall performance. Basically, the approach is different than with vehicles which want greater horsepower. Here, impact is to increase dirt bike performance that provides better power over a broader range.

Be sure that all of your modifications are legal to comply with state law and get dirt bike insurance to cover your investment as well.

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