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Most motorcyclists will see an increase in their insurance premiums if a traffic violation appears on their records. The amount depends on several factors, including the nature of the ticket.

Some people can see increases of $50 or more per month, with the rise lasting for several years without another violation. The average increase is approximately 25% of the current rate.

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Warnings are different than violations. You must be issued a ticket that reflects on your driving record to see a premium increase occur.

More Traffic Violations Create Additional Insurance Costs

Insurance companies set premiums based on the risk factors a motorcyclist presents while on the road. That means some might see a substantial increase in their monthly payments after a traffic violation, while others might see nothing.

Here are some factors an insurance company considers when evaluating a motorcyclist for an increased rate.

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  • Was the traffic violation the first offense for the motorcyclist?
  • Has it been 5+ years since the last ticket you received?
  • If speeding, how many MPH over the speed limit were you traveling?
  • What is your prior driving record?

The location where you receive a traffic violation on a motorcycle can impact your costs. Getting pulled over in a school or construction zone often creates a higher fine and causes insurance rates even higher.

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If you get multiple violations or tickets within a specific time, you can also miss out on discounts your insurer offers. That outcome raises your rates even further.

What Happens with a Serious or Severe Traffic Violation?

When a motorcyclist has a record of severe traffic violations and accidents, it might be impossible to find a private insurance company that offers coverage.

If you’re convicted of a DUI, here’s more information.

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Obtaining insurance through a state-run risk plan might be necessary if you find yourself in that situation. This option, sometimes referred to as “assigned risk,” requires direct contact with the oversight agency responsible for its administration.

Some insurers might require you to attach an SR22 certificate to your motorcycle policy. This document of financial responsibility is available in most states.

How to Prevent Insurance Increases from Traffic Violations

The best way to avoid having a rate increase occur is to avoid committing traffic violations. You’re less likely to be pulled over for an infraction if you drive defensively and within the speed limit.

In New York, motorcycle insurance companies give a discount to those who take a state-approved prevention class or course.

If you’re over 25 and haven’t had a similar violation in the past 36 months, you’re less likely to see your insurance costs increase. When rates increase, you can reduce costs by changing your coverage or choosing a different agency policy.

When you ride carefully, be responsible, and focus on road safety, you’re more likely to enjoy an affordable insurance premium.

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