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Motorcycle tire road hazard insurance is a coverage option for some motorcycles, trikes, and autocycles. It is similar to what insurers provide for standard four-wheel automobiles.

This plan covers flat tires and wheel repairs when a road hazard causes damage. If you run over the glass, metal pieces, nails, or other debris, you’ve got financial protections if a blowout occurs.

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Some policies provide for impact-related issues, such as hitting a pothole that bends your wheel. It’s often included in a full-coverage policy because filing a claim for minimal damage is often impractical.

Even the towing fees can be covered with tire and wheel protection insurance.

Do Motorcycle Tires Have Road Hazard Warranty Coverage?

Most insurance plans with this option combine the coverage for your wheels and tires. If something happens to either, you can have the repair work finished immediately or obtain replacements.

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repairing a tire

This coverage works well for riders with low-profile tires and sports bikes, as this area needs more frequent repairs. All it takes to create damage is a small bump or crack in the pavement. Once the rim edge gets compromised, those tires might require replacement.

OEM tires and wheels are typically expensive. Some options are sold for $10,000 or more, even if you have a single rim and tire to repair. When you have insurance protection for this event, getting back on the road is much easier without your savings account being punished.

Does the Warranty cover Tire Replacement?

Even if you miss the different forms of road damage while driving a motorcycle, you can pick up cosmetic damage to your tires and wheels. All it takes is a tight turn along the curb or hitting a bump without sticking the landing.

Insurance policies that include this protection typically feature cosmetic repairs so that these issues could get corrected. Warranties don’t cover tire replacement if you caused the damage, but your motorcycle tire road hazard insurance in this category typically does.

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It might not be available with base coverage options from some insurers. You’ll want to ask if cosmetic protection is standard or offered as a rider or add-on. If you drive a smaller motorcycle, moped, or scooter, it might be more cost-effective to take that specific risk yourself.

Is It Worth Getting Tire and Rim Protection?

Riders and three-wheeler with custom wheels, chrome plating, and other modifications typically benefit the most from this insurance protection.

If you ride a design that hugs the ground, you’ll find more bumps and scrapes are possible. Autocycles encounter this issue extensively, especially in rural communities.

Inexperienced riders or motorcyclists also benefit from tire and wheel protection. These individuals are more likely to drive close to the shoulder or hit the curb, increasing the risk of experiencing damage.

Some roads across the United States are treated with a magnesium chloride coating. The product keeps the streets clear when winter weather arrives, but it also eats through chrome facings.

Tire and wheel protection isn’t for everyone. If you have an older bike or trike without custom mods, it might be better to accept this risk. For everyone else, this option can reduce your unexpected long-term care expenses.

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