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Florida doesn’t require motorcycle insurance to register a bike in the state. Although a policy might not be legally necessary, it still makes sense to carry insurance to cover damages if you’re in an accident or to limit financial liabilities.

Motorcycle insurance protects while riding in other states. It might be necessary to carry if you take your bike outside Florida.

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Florida requires you to register a motorcycle with the Department of Motor Vehicles. If you don’t provide proof of insurance, you’ll need to prove your financial responsibility if you are in an accident. This information is only required after a collision, but these situations are not predictable.

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Two options are available in the state to prove your financial responsibility if you don’t obtain a motorcycle insurance policy.

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  • With your current resources, you can obtain a self-insurance certificate that provides evidence that you can afford the costs of an accident.
  • Motorcyclists can obtain a financial responsibility certificate from the state’s Bureau of Motorist Compliances. A surety bond is necessary, either from a cash or securities deposit or a state-licensed company.

The financial costs of a motorcycle accident can be extensive. When you have insurance, you can provide evidence of financial responsibility without worrying about presenting a certificate.

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