Dirt bikes are one of the most popular off-road vehicles with designated parks and grounds for riding around the United States. There is a professional circuit for dirt bike racing much like stock car evdents. The popularity of the sport has only been growing over the past several decades. For those who own or perhaps want to purchase a dirt bike, one of the considerations is whether you need insurance

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Do You Need Insurance for A Dirt Bike?

These bikes are not street legal, so they are not required to have insurance by any state. Plus, because dirt bikes are off-road vehicles, they are built to withstand a considerable amount of punishment. It’s relatively rare that such bike is involved in an incident.

However, there are advantages to having affordable dirt bike insurance that will cover you and your bike in case the worst should happen.

Dirt Bike Flying in a RaceFor example, just because it is off-road does not mean that accidents will never occur.

Every year there are injuries and property damage that are caused by moped incidents and not having coverage means that you have to pay out of pocket for whatever happens.

Theft: Mini bikes are popular vehicles to steal since they can easily be loaded into a truck or vehicle. This is why getting insurance for your dirt bike should include theft as it is the most common incident that can be covered. This type of bike doesn’t need a registration which means it becomes very tough to track down the bike once stolen.

Fire: You can get insurance that covers the loss of your dirt bike because of fire. If the trail bike is located in your garage, shed or somewhere on your personal property that burns down, you can have coverage that will provide financial compensation for the loss.

Transportation: Here, your dirt bike is covered in case it is damaged when being transported on a trailer or other approved mode of transportation. So, if you were to get into an accident, at least your chopper will be covered.

Dirt Bike Insurance Cost:

The cost of dirt bike insurance will vary depending on the type of coverage that you purchase. Much like auto or motorcycle insurance, the more you want covered, the higher the premiums will be. Because they are built to run in places where damage is likely to occur even if they are off-road vehicles.

Looking for minimum coverage?

For those who only want to spend the minimum on insurance, you can generally get collision and theft for roughly $300 to $500 each year depending on a number of factors. Basically, you can get dirt bike insurance quotes from a number of different sources and get different results.

For example, you can generally save money if you get your scooter and automobile insurance from the same company. However, the more coverage you add, the higher your insurance will be. You only have the best chance to get the best rate when you compare dirt bike riding quotes online with us.

Popular Types of Coverage:

Theft, collision and fire are the three most common types of coverage, but you can also add the following depending on the carrier. In fact, there are insurance companies that offer customized policies tailored to your specific needs and concerns.

Available Coverage for Dirt Bikes:

Affordable Dirt Bike Insurance Saves MoneyComprehensive:

As indicated, this is the type of coverage that will protect your dirt bike from all types of calamities including theft.

Comprehensive may also include more obscure types of damage sources such as vandalism and severe weather. However, this is generally the most expensive type of coverage for your scooter. It is best for those who have paid a considerable amount for their bike and ride it frequently.


This is the type of insurance that covers you in case you strike another bike, rider or object. Generally, this type of insurance is optional. It is arguably not worth it if you ride by yourself in wide open country.

However, it does cover collisions that include trees, fences, boulders and other riders even if you are the one who is at fault. For those who have taken out a loan to pay for their dirt bike, collision insurance is often required.

Personal Injury:

This type of dirt bike insurance protects you against injuries sustained that require medical treatment either to yourself or others involved in an accident. The coverage includes the following;

  • Hospital treatment
  • Visits to the doctor
  • Physical therapy
  • Lost wages
  • Funeral expenses and more

Basically, if you plan on riding in groups or carrying someone else on your bike, then having this type of coverage can bring you a little peace of mind.

Dirt Bike Racing TournamentProperty Damage:

This form of insurance will pay for property damage that is your fault. Generally speaking, the type of property damage is to someone’s land, fences, bikes or other vehicles. It’s also possible that this type of insurance will cover medical expenses. So, be sure to read the fine print and know what you are getting.

It is important to know the limits of the insurance policy. So that you can have adequate coverage for all aspects of property damage. This includes the cost of defending yourself in court if necessary.

Medical Payment:

Here, if you are injured in an accident involving your dirt bike, then you are covered for the related medical costs even if you are the one at fault. This will cover all types of medical expenses that include treatment, dental care, prescription drugs, and co-payments.

You will need this if you do not have health insurance which otherwise would cover the costs of being injured. However it may be combined which will allow you to cover the deductibles of your health care. Plus, it may also cover home nursing care, psychiatric sessions and funeral expenses.

Roadside Assistance:

You may not think about this aspect of dirt bike insurance until you find yourself stuck in the sand or mud. However, it may become even handier if the transportation you used has broken down. You need some assistance in this situation. Your insurance carrier can be more trustworthy who promises you to provide support in those circumstances.

Overall, getting insurance for your scooter will provide the type of coverage you need in order to enjoy financial protection when you are riding along the trails or in the open country. If you are looking for affordable dirt bike riding quotes, then look no further. We have some excellent offers for you.

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